Bury St Edmunds Chess Club
Standard Play Rapid Play
Member ECF Ref Name Sep 21 Sep 21
341474H Atkins, Lucy
S018085 316421E Balogh, Jan 1923B 1885F
B021620 314944E Bradshaw, Craig 1353D
309758E Calumpiano, Raf 1090E 1180E
264565J Carter, Matt 1473C 1465F
G008083 186035F Collins, Jonathan L 1908C
274234C Dickinson, Richard 1323D
G001287 185499K Donnelly, Andrew J 1803B
G002933 175238J Dorrington, Chris J 2395C
B009040 278053H Garcia, Laureano 1683D
G014877 111689H Gregory, Stephen J 2133B
JS016349 315366G Gu, William 1623D 1645C
G010640 112174B Harris, Michael 2283C
B005815 308302A Hart, Greg 1150D
B000176 175809D Harvey, Adam 1593D
B008368 281105E Heffer, Judith 1728A
B009723 281106G Heffer, Mark 1698A
G026089 258763E Horan, George 1834E 1636F
288410A Inman, Sam 1675F
JG006757 301071F Jermy, Jaden 2058A 2178C
JG000209 295344E John, Adam 1870B 1773B
JG001027 299354F John, Amy 1525C 1518C
G013460 113887L Jones, Robert L 1765A 1698E
JG013830 302103J Kent, Rowan 1495A 1564A
306501H Kent, Tim 1323F
308298C Kim, Isaac 1135C
B004774 271971L Kosviner, Emile 1278C
221698L Le-Vine, Mark R 2125C 1975F
S017398 318724L Lepley, Robert 1390C
G014907 151917H Lewis, Stephen 1953A
G015130 277537C Lovell, Steve 1818B
114679J Lunn, Timothy 2103C
320086D Magpuyo, Jay 1810C
301075C Martin, Tia 1045E 1240D
309169H Martinez, Rene M 1788C
G000426 258768D Merry, Alan B 2478A 2470A
S016275 293586H Moody, William 1473E
115711F Moore, Graham J 2230C
G006833 256639E Pack, James 1908A 1840D
140705D Peters, Alexander John 2140D
G004574 136670B Player, Edmund C 2170E 2176E
JS022297 308299E Pommier, Theo 1180F 1233D
147192C Pott, Laurie 1788C
G014881 140662A Pride, Stephen C 1720A
318119E Quader, Rafael 955D
312605F Quader, Z Zia Mohammed 1983A 2005E
S020682 160107G Roberts, Colin A 1743C
297303A Roy, Tom 1540D 1495D
118359L Ruthen, Stephen W 1818B
282766K Saenz de Villaverde, Mario 1465D
B001206 160502B Shephard, Andrew 1878D
263946E Shepherd-Rose, Christopher N 1443D
B006239 233843K Smith, Hugo 1495C 1488E
B001492 308303C Taylor, Anthony 1548C
121038F Wallis, Ian J 2050B
121193G Watkins, Alan 1773B
322083H Wiles, Kevin 948D
S003770 290797F Wood, David C 880D 993A

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