Cambridgeshire CCA Chess Club
Standard Play Rapid Play
Member ECF Ref Name Jun 22 Feb 22 Aug 21 Jun 22 Feb 22 Aug 21
G015099 302343G Ashworth, Steven M 1474A 1507A 1511A 1554K 1554D 1578D
B012349 255902L Baddeley, Peter 1619K 1571B 1533B
B012233 148529F Barkas, Peter 1807K 1811C 1825C
S011509 260360D Bay-Petersen, Ole 1795K 1836C 1840B 1713H 1713F
B007580 273273H Beck, John 1817K 1845C 1818B
P005068 107071L Bowers, Francis J 1876A 1946A 1930A 1924K 1937D 1908E
297733D Buisman, Bert D 2035K 2035D
G008122 185504K Burrows, Jonathan 1908K 1908E 1908E 1948K 1948D 1975D
B014163 246652B Caraway, Samuel 1852K 1819B 1833B
B013300 314080F Chauhan, Ritwik C 1780H 1780F 1780F 1975K 1975E 1998D
108403D Clark, Kevin R 2073K 2073E 2073B 2238K 2238E
S023916 330277F Dasuzhau, Ihar 1770K 1758D 1705F
S007791 185563D Daugman, John G 1863A 1802A 1855A
G002945 260370G Davison, Chris 2214K 2199C 2223A 2043K 2043B
JG005331 304986D Dharmasena, Gavith 1915K 1915D 1915A 1938K 1938E
171282C Doherty, Simon 1840K 1840E 1840C
B003138 267347C Emery, Colin 1784K 1756C 1818C
S022146 327802F Esuperanzi, Giovanni B 1781A 1797B 1780D
JS013883 310371H Evans, Ruben Nangalia 1831K 1821C 1788A 1768K 1768B 1743A
B012578 110420C Fallon, Philip S 1969K 1996C 1992C
G018079 285268J Finn, Peter 2174A 2177A 2144A 2072A 2087A 1900D
S013372 133327G Friday, R Mike 1285K 1285E 1285C
B002518 303607J Funnell, Cameron 1788K 1758E 1758C
S011103 111653J Greenwood, Neil 1828A 1815B 1788B 1750K 1750D
327580C Hoang, Khoi 1788H 1788F 1788F
G011477 240954K Hutchinson, Norman A 1993A 1924A 1953A 2107K 2107E
G012898 113348C Ilett, Raymond J 1897A 1922A 1938A
302196J Jackson, Nicholas
S014569 295643D Jackson, Simon C 1728K 1733C 1758B 1698K 1698E
133172D Jones, W Fraser
G011978 127446G Kemp, Paul R 2004A 1997A 1975A 2063K 2063E 2058F
S017031 189189D Knox, Edward 1668K 1651B 1683A 1803H 1803F
233962G Kuglstatter, Andreas
G011529 173708K Lenton, Oliver J 1969A 1940A 1945A 1735K 1735E
115235L McCorry, Robert T
G011959 140663C McMahon, Paul 1926A 1940B 1908B 1938K 1938F
B000542 280920F Norman, Alan PH 1665K 1660C 1693B
S010457 126231C Osborn, Michael MJ 1545K 1548C 1533B 1480K 1480E
275787E Oyama, Harunobu
295324K Panzina, Jekaterina
G014881 140662A Pride, Stephen C 1696A 1721A 1720A
287826E Rahman, Sohale
B008406 269711H Ray, Julian 1900K 1900E 1900C 1698K
S026410 340902J Rice, Declan 1739K 1785E 1785*
G000558 117887J Richardson, Alan 1932K 1925D 1908C
S002666 234492A Richmond, Charles J 1577K 1590D 1600*
298906C Rose, Keelan
JG005601 297005D Sahinoz, Giulio O 1911K 1920D 1930C 1900K 1900D
JG015955 291291A See, Tristian 2148K 2132E 2103D 2005K 2005D
S012070 171017F Spencer, Paul 1726A 1703A 1675A 1755K 1855F
JG001676 300903J Srivastava, Arnav 2071K 2071C 2028A 1935K 1923C
G022379 258609F Stewart, Ashley 2197K 2163C 2163A 2065K 2065D
G009785 120004F Szymanski, Mark 1803K 1803D 1803A
JG000046 304349G Trivedi, Aarnavh 1963K 1966B 1953A 1960K 1960D 1908C
G009234 163068E Varnam, Liam D 2200A 2207B 2245B 2206K
278974H Vine, Elzbieta 100K
JG008373 293599F Volovich, Julia 2004A 2042B 1978A 1895K 1895C 1864B
S012295 120991H Walker, Peter N 2048K 2047C 2005*
G003268 291293E Waller, Dan 2154A 2185B 2186A 2049K 2049E
302478H Walton, Paul 1810K 1810D 1810A 1825K 1825C
JG000129 295496F Weersing, Abigail R 2041K 2032B 1945A 1873K 1884C 1923B
G010997 295884D Weersing, Nathan 1560K 1555B 1518B 1600K 1600E
303699G Weinberger, Peter 1503K 1503E 1503B
318140G Wilde, Daniel J 1690K 1690E 1690D

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Membership. A member number in red indicates the membership has expired, and one highlighted shows it expires before the end of the rating year. Pointing to the member number will display the last month of membership. Information from membership list dated 30 June 2022.

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