Neil Greenwood, S011103 (expires Aug 19).

Standard Games
Player Grade Result Event
27-Sep B Caraway, Samuel 161 Loss Cambs Division 1 Peterborough A v Warboys A
01-Oct W Wright, John D 127 Win Fenland 550, Round 1 Godmanchester v Warboys Z
08-Oct B Hurricks, Dave J 138 Loss Cambs 550 S Royston v Warboys D-max
15-Oct B Walton, Paul 161 Loss Cambs Division 1 Royston v Warboys A
07-Nov W Daugman, John G 166 Loss Cambs Division 1 Warboys A v Cambridge Scholars
21-Nov W Spencer, Paul 138 Win Cambs Division 1 Warboys A v New England A
26-Nov W Emery, Colin 136 Loss Cambs Division 2 St Neots B v Warboys B
29-Nov W Caraway, Samuel 161 Draw Fenland Open, Round 1 Peterborough v Warboys
05-Dec W Jeffreys, Stuart J 150 Draw Cambs 550 S Cambridge Rowers v Warboys D-max
09-Jan W Kaszuba, Adrian 152 Draw Cambs Division 1 Warboys A v Peterborough A
16-Jan W Spencer, Paul 142 Win Cambs Division 2 New England B v Warboys B
30-Jan W Pinner, Martin 176 Loss Cambs Division 1 Warboys A v Royston
06-Feb B Tandy, Gabriela 153 Draw Cambs Division 2 Warboys B v Peterborough B
13-Feb W Hurricks, Dave J 140 Draw Cambs 550 S Warboys D-max v Royston
17-Feb W Stephens, Robert W 139 Draw EACU U160 Cambridgeshire v Suffolk
17-Feb B Danger, Johnny 130 Win EACU U160 Norfolk v Cambridgeshire
20-Feb B Daugman, John G 159 Draw Cambs Division 1 Cambridge Scholars v Warboys A
23-Feb McMahon, Paul 159 Loss EACU Team 600 Linton v Sudbury
23-Feb Abbott, Nathan JA 143 Draw EACU Team 600 Sudbury v The BBMFs of St. John's
26-Feb W Szutkowski, Pawel 131 Draw Cambs Division 2 Spalding v Warboys B
04-Mar W Brown, Peter AJ 167 Draw Cambs 550 S St Neots v Warboys D-max
06-Mar W Emery, Colin 143 Win Fenland 550, Round 2 Warboys Y v St Neots
13-Mar B Spencer, Paul 142 Draw Cambs Division 1 New England A v Warboys A
17-Mar W Pott, Laurie 142 Draw EACU U160 Suffolk v Cambridgeshire
17-Mar W Wali, Mir M 136 Win EACU U160 Cambridgeshire v Hertfordshire

Current grade 140.

Approximate grade for 16 ungraded games is 153.

Estimated grade next year based on 30 games is 146.

Rapidplay Games
Player Grade Result Event
23-Sep W Dharmasena, Kian 124 Loss Cambridgeshire Rapidplay - Major, R1
23-Sep B Sargeant, Christopher e129 Draw Cambridgeshire Rapidplay - Major, R2
23-Sep W Lenton, Oliver J e157 Win Cambridgeshire Rapidplay - Major, R3
23-Sep B Sheikh, Samia Z 141 Win Cambridgeshire Rapidplay - Major, R4
23-Sep B Tibbert, Peter H e156 Loss Cambridgeshire Rapidplay - Major, R5

Current grade 136.

No ungraded games played.