Players with ratings 1900 and above
Standard Play Rapid Play
Member ECF Ref Name Jan 22 Aug 21 Jan 22 Aug 21 Club
G000426 258768D Merry, Alan B 2501B 2478A 2480D 2470A Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk CCA
G002933 175238J Dorrington, Chris J 2395D 2395C Bury St Edmunds
G010640 112174B Harris, Michael 2311C 2283C Bury St Edmunds
G003250 263500J Ciuksyte, Dagne 2305D 2305D 2410F Suffolk CCA
272685D Taylor, Adam C 2258C 2260C 2455D Manningtree
G001279 114349K Lewis, Andrew P 2249B 2260C 2313C Manningtree
G003834 140709A Spence, David J 2244C 2230C Suffolk CCA
115711F Moore, Graham J 2230C 2230B Bury St Edmunds, Ipswich, Suffolk CCA
G004574 136670B Player, Edmund C 2170D 2176E 2175E Bury St Edmunds
B022966 328308C Kanellopoulos, Panagiotis 2159E 2133F Manningtree
G014877 111689H Gregory, Stephen J 2133D 2133B Bury St Edmunds, Ipswich, Suffolk CCA
221698L Le-Vine, Mark R 2120C 2125C 1975F Bury St Edmunds
JG006757 301071F Jermy, Jaden 2111A 2058A 2081B 2178B Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk CCA
B015696 114679J Lunn, Timothy 2098C 2103C Ipswich, Stowmarket, Suffolk CCA
115973C Munson, Shaun D 2080E 2080C Bury St Edmunds, Ipswich, Suffolk CCA
G014553 291535C Peck, Silas OJ 2079D 2080D Ipswich, Suffolk CCA
G012204 111141D Gemmell, Peter A 2060C 2035C 2202D 2208E Felixstowe, Woodbridge
185206B Hill, Luke 2058E 2058E Ipswich, Suffolk CCA
121038F Wallis, Ian J 2050C 2050B Bury St Edmunds, Ipswich, Suffolk CCA
S012519 275078J Hopkins, Phil 2050C 2035C 2207D 2208D Felixstowe, Suffolk CCA, Woodbridge
G009907 252129F Fogg, Martin 2018C 2058C Ipswich, Suffolk CCA
G010601 108778C Cook, Michael P 2011D 2013C Ipswich, Suffolk CCA
G013373 118460L Sanders, Robert R 1994C 2005C 1979C 1990C Sudbury, Suffolk CCA
S016608 312605F Quader, Z Zia Mohammed 1988B 1983A 2005E Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk CCA
293417G Burnett, Leon P 1983D 1983C 2110F Manningtree, Suffolk CCA
G028832 280164E Sheerin, Alex 1968C 1968B 1878E Ipswich, Suffolk CCA
B004609 115103E Matthewson, Edward 1963C 1945B Ipswich, Suffolk CCA
G014907 151917H Lewis, Stephen 1953B 1953A Bury St Edmunds, Ipswich, Stowmarket, Suffolk CCA
S018085 316421E Balogh, Jan 1949C 1923B 1885F Bury St Edmunds
G009553 290418E Lightfoot, Malcolm J 1946C 1960B Saxmundham, Suffolk CCA
S003191 270183C Simons, Conrad 1938E 1938C 2013F Felixstowe
G022737 329127D Majeed, Haroon 1929B 1780E Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk CCA
G008083 186035F Collins, Jonathan L 1912C 1908C 1915D Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk CCA
G012590 147583G Hutchings, Philip J 1900C 1915C Manningtree, Suffolk CCA

Ratings. * after a rating indicates an estimated rating has been provided for the player.

Membership. A member number in red indicates the membership has expired, and one highlighted shows it expires before the end of the rating year. Pointing to the member number will display the last month of membership. Information from membership list dated 30 June 2022.