Players with surnames I-M
Standard Play Rapid Play
Member ECF Ref Name Jun 21 Jan 21 Aug 20 Jun 21 Jan 21 Aug 20 Club
313620G Ingerslev, E John 1623D 1623B Stowmarket
288410A Inman, Sam 1675F 1675F 1675F Bury St Edmunds
S001376 260366E Irving, Angus 1750B 1750A 1750A 1653E 1653E 1653E Ipswich, Suffolk CCA
S006838 296198C Irwin, James 1825A 1825A 1825A 1668E 1668E 1668E Stowmarket, Suffolk CCA
B007127 181562D Jennings, Jane 1315D 1315D 1315D Stowmarket
JG006757 301071F Jermy, Jaden 2058A 2058A 2058A 2178B 2178A 2178A Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk CCA
JG000209 295344E John, Adam 1870B 1870A 1870A 1773B 1773A 1773A Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk CCA
JG001027 299354F John, Amy 1525C 1525B 1525A 1518B 1518A 1518A Bury St Edmunds
B024162 329300C Johnson, Dave 1668E 1668E 1668E Woodbridge Suffolk
113677L Johnson, David 1548F Manningtree
S005684 211033H Jones, Graeme 1818D 1818C 1818C Manningtree
S009200 113849C Jones, Les J 1728B 1728A 1728A Ipswich, Suffolk CCA
G013460 113887L Jones, Robert L 1765A 1765A 1765A 1698E 1698E 1698D Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk CCA
329366L Kaluziak, Karol Ipswich
329365J Kaminskiene, Odetta Ipswich
JG013830 302103J Kent, Rowan 1495A 1495A 1495A 1570A 1570A 1570A Bury St Edmunds, Woodbridge School
B021734 306501H Kent, Tim 1323F 1323F 1323E Bury St Edmunds, Woodbridge School
JS013835 313723F Kerr, Rowland 1833D 1833D 1833D 1765C 1765B 1765B Manningtree
JS019680 316240A Kim, Gabriel 708D 708D Bury St Edmunds
JS006532 308298C Kim, Isaac 1135A 1135A 1135A Bury St Edmunds
G004546 191416K Kirkham, Ed 1780B 1780A 1780A Felixstowe, Suffolk CCA
B004774 271971L Kosviner, Emile 1278C 1278C 1278B Bury St Edmunds
JS026223 315243B Laguda, Lade 708F 708F 708F 940C 940A 940A Woodbridge School
319876F Lai, Henry Woodbridge School
B011360 174838F Lake, Nigel S 1465C 1465B 1465A 1360B 1360A 1360A Clacton
B007540 170345G Lambert, John E 1563C 1563B 1563A 1488A 1488A 1488A Clacton
G009700 221698L Le-Vine, Mark R 2125C 2125A 2125A 1975F 1975F 1975F Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk CCA
S017398 318724L Lepley, Robert 1390B 1390B 1390A 1300F 1300F 1300F Bury St Edmunds
B000476 114347F Lewis, Alan J 1563C 1563A 1563A 1690F 1690F 1690F Felixstowe
G001279 114349K Lewis, Andrew P 2260C 2260A 2260A 2313C 2313C 2313B Manningtree
B014907 151917H Lewis, Stephen 1953A 1953A 1953A Bury St Edmunds, Stowmarket, Suffolk CCA
G009553 290418E Lightfoot, Malcolm J 1960B 1960A 1960A 1750F Saxmundham, Suffolk CCA
B005387 114419E Lilley, Geoff 1053E 1053D 1053D Saxmundham
S002530 245164F Little, Cameron J 1795B 1795A 1795A 1810E 1810E 1810E Sudbury, Suffolk CCA
G015130 277537C Lovell, Steve 1818A 1818A 1818A 1848F 1848F 1848F Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk CCA
B021653 164447G Lunn, George 1645E 1645E 1645E Clacton
B008674 114676C Lunn, Ken 1503B 1503A 1503A Ipswich
S015696 114679J Lunn, Timothy 2103C 2103A 2103A Bury St Edmunds, Ipswich, Suffolk CCA
315383G Macartney, Alastair J Felixstowe
S016379 302567G Mackintosh, William 1060B 1060A 1060A Stowmarket
B020000 320086D Magpuyo, Jay 1810C 1810B 1810A 1788F 1788F 1788F Bury St Edmunds
301075C Martin, Tia 1045E 1045E 1045E 1240C 1240B 1240B Bury St Edmunds
B012994 309169H Martinez, Rene M 1788C 1788A 1788A Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk CCA
B004609 115103E Matthewson, Edward 1945B 1945A 1945A Ipswich, Suffolk CCA
B006120 298612H May, Henry 1293E 1293C 1293C Felixstowe, Woodbridge Suffolk
B007692 123427E McAllister, John WF 1743A 1743A 1743A Felixstowe, Manningtree, Suffolk CCA
B014525 287657H McDonald, Sid 1435D 1435D 1435D 1240F 1240F Sudbury
G000426 258768D Merry, Alan B 2478A 2478A 2478A 2470A 2470A 2470A Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk CCA
B001085 154341G Molloy, Andrew 1458D 1458D 1458D Ipswich
S016275 293586H Moody, William 1473E 1473D 1473C Bury St Edmunds
G005727 115711F Moore, Graham J 2230B 2230A 2230A Bury St Edmunds, Ipswich, Suffolk CCA
B023215 329755L Morelli, Charles Sudbury
B012548 233838F Mortonson, Phil 1443C 1443C 1443B Ipswich
B017531 282514E Mothershaw, Doug 1600F 1600F 1600F 1533E 1533D 1533D Clacton
G014433 115973C Munson, Shaun D 2080C 2080A 2080A Ipswich, Suffolk CCA
B013226 227473F Myhill, Richard 1495D 1495C Bury St Edmunds

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