Sudbury Chess Club
Standard Play Rapid Play
Member ECF Ref Name Jan 22 Aug 21 Jan 22 Aug 21
B028783 343193K Borg, Malcolm
G001287 185499K Donnelly, Andrew J 1813C 1803B 1500F
302158A Gardner, Michael
S030895 345948C Harrington, Stewart
345972L Herrington, Stewart
S007771 265059K Kent, John
S031394 345607K Kent, Robert
S028203 282775L Kerruish, Samuel
S024082 330599F Last, Andrew
315625E Lea, Stephen
S002530 245164F Little, Cameron J 1756C 1795B 1810E
B014525 287657H McDonald, Sid 1445D 1435D
329755L Morelli, Charles
265057F Popik, Martin
G013373 118460L Sanders, Robert R 1994C 2005C 1979C 1990C
B012326 118520C Saunders, Peter F 1323E 1323D
B016962 318575J Suckling, Christopher 1133F
221209C Thomas, Harold 1675D 1675C 1750F
B006808 265058H Tulic, Jakob 1662E 1660E 1578F
256469F Van Poucke, Stefaan GM
147108K Woodward, Vivian

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