Players with ratings 1450-1599
Standard Play Rapid Play
Member ECF Ref Name Feb 21 Jan 21 Aug 20 Feb 21 Jan 21 Aug 20 Club
B000176 175809D Harvey, Adam 1593B 1593B 1593C Bury St Edmunds
B003451 256285G Hardman, Danny 1593C 1593C 1593D 1660A 1660A 1660B Clacton
B005065 100377L Allen, J Franceys 1585D 1585D 1585D Stowmarket
S009791 201137C Weidman, Mark J 1585B 1585B 1585C 1608D 1608D 1608D Felixstowe, Woodbridge Suffolk
B002540 127956H Phillips, Carl 1578C 1578C 1578C Manningtree
257873G Alvin, Martin 1578E 1578E Clacton
B016046 100379D Allen, Vicky B 1570B 1570A 1570C Stowmarket
B000476 114347F Lewis, Alan J 1563B 1563A 1563C 1690F 1690F 1690F Felixstowe
B007540 170345G Lambert, John E 1563B 1563B 1563C 1488A 1488A 1488A Clacton
B001492 308303C Taylor, Anthony 1548B 1548B 1548C Bury St Edmunds
B000296 118462D Sanderson, Adrian 1540B 1540B 1540B Manningtree
B007854 257342J Price, John 1540C 1540C 1540C Manningtree
G012222 264746B Collicott, Peter J 1540B 1540B 1540C Saxmundham
297303A Roy, Tom 1540C 1540C 1540D 1495B 1495B 1495D Bury St Edmunds
S003779 261805K Welsh, David 1533B 1533B 1533C Manningtree
S010665 108933L Coughtrey, Mike J 1525C 1525C 1525C 1428A 1428A 1428C Clacton
B021763 188520A Nightingale, Edgar 1525E 1525E 1525E Felixstowe
JG001027 299354F John, Amy 1525B 1525B 1525C 1518A 1518A 1518C Bury St Edmunds
B008674 114676C Lunn, Ken 1503A 1503A 1503B Ipswich
B001215 140702J Paige, Andrew 1495C 1495C 1495D Saxmundham
B013226 227473F Myhill, Richard 1495E 1495D Bury St Edmunds
B006239 233843K Smith, Hugo 1495A 1495A 1495C 1488E 1488E 1488E Bury St Edmunds
JG013830 302103J Kent, Rowan 1495A 1495A 1495A 1570A 1570A 1570A Bury St Edmunds, Woodbridge School
B001236 250045A Todd, Andrew 1488A 1488A 1488C 1413B 1413B 1413C Clacton
B016191 300366J Estlea, Warwick 1480B 1480B 1480C 1488A 1488A 1488A Clacton
B007826 128750D Barratt, John 1473D 1473D 1473D Ipswich, Stowmarket
S022377 263821G Such, Daniel 1473D 1473D 1473D 1435F 1435F 1435F Woodbridge Suffolk
B019041 264565J Carter, Matt 1473A 1473A 1473C 1465F 1465F 1465F Bury St Edmunds
S016275 293586H Moody, William 1473D 1473D 1473E Bury St Edmunds
B011360 174838F Lake, Nigel S 1465B 1465B 1465C 1360A 1360A 1360C Clacton
JS017385 282766K Saenz de Villaverde, Mario 1465D 1465D 1465D Bury St Edmunds
B000187 287746G Wilson, Adam 1465C 1465C 1465C Ipswich
B001085 154341G Molloy, Andrew 1458D 1458D 1458D Ipswich
S013153 140759E Doyle, Richard 1450D 1450C 1450E 1495F Felixstowe

Ratings. * after a rating indicates an estimated rating has been provided for the player.

Membership. A member number in red indicates the membership has expired, and one highlighted shows it expires before the end of the rating year. Pointing to the member number will display the last month of membership. Information from membership list dated 4 February 2021.