Saxmundham Chess Club
Standard Play Rapid Play
Member ECF Ref Name Jan 22 Aug 21 Jan 22 Aug 21
B026656 340948L Allen, Samuel
B003606 251093F Brown, David E 1824C 1825B
B006241 140756K Brown, Hugo E 1333D 1353D
G004397 295131K Carter, Dominic A 1665D 1675D
B029221 175807L Cartwright, Paul
B012459 265084J Chadwick, Peter
G012222 264746B Collicott, Peter J 1540D 1540C
344368B Dann, Deborah
G007861 110497E Feavyour, John A 1827C 1863B
G014150 252177F Gaffney, Samuel 1826A 1780A 1550D 1585D
290419G Goldsmith, Rory
B032575 346949K Lawes-Wickwar, Matthew
G009553 290418E Lightfoot, Malcolm J 1946C 1960B
B005387 114419E Lilley, Geoff 1078E 1053E
S003873 114722F Mabbs, David J 1998C
115230A McCormick, Arthur
306559F Osmon, Lee R 1383E 1383C
140702J Paige, Andrew 1495E 1495D
G014234 118287A Rowles, Sarah 1435D 1435C
G010447 298542B Usher, Michael E 1711B 1713B 1809D 1795D
P029068 342966A Wilks, Simon

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