Players with ratings 1900 and above
Standard Play Rapid Play
Member ECF Ref Name Jan 21 Aug 20 Jan 21 Aug 20 Club
G000426 258768D Merry, Alan B 2478A 2478A 2470A 2470A Bury St Edmunds
G002933 175238J Dorrington, Chris J 2395B 2395B Bury St Edmunds
120562G Tozer, Richard JD 2335C 2335B Cambridge City
281771J Sauerwald, M Thomas 2320D 2320D Cambridge City
G010640 112174B Harris, Michael 2283B 2283A 2328F 2328F Bury St Edmunds
G000407 273236B Oyama, Akito 2260C 2260C Cambridge City
G009234 163068E Varnam, Liam D 2245A 2245A 2223D Linton
G005727 115711F Moore, Graham J 2230A 2230A Bury St Edmunds
G002945 260370G Davison, Chris 2223A 2223A 2043A 2043A Cambridge City, Linton
G001301 160053K Bigg, Andrew J 2200E 2200D Cambridge City
G003268 291293E Waller, Dan 2193A 2208A 2043E Cambridge City
G004078 108597K Coleman, David J 2185E 2185C Linton
136670B Player, Edmund C 2170C 2170B Bury St Edmunds
G022379 258609F Stewart, Ashley 2163A 2163A 2065C 2065C Cambridge City, Linton
B000767 140705D Peters, Alexander John 2140C 2140B Bury St Edmunds
G014877 111689H Gregory, Stephen J 2133A 2133A 2110E Bury St Edmunds
G009700 221698L Le-Vine, Mark R 2125A 2125A 1975F 1975F Bury St Edmunds
G018079 285268J Finn, Peter 2125A 2125A 1840D 1840D Cambridge City
G015268 286172A Palucha, Szymon C 2123A 2125A Cambridge City
S015696 114679J Lunn, Timothy 2103A 2103A Bury St Edmunds
G010020 163397B Goodger, Martyn 2103B 2103A Ely
283121B Steiner, Matthias 2103F 2103F Cambridge City
JG015955 291291A See, Tristian 2103A 2103A 2005D 2005C Cambridge City
B008771 108403D Clark, Kevin R 2073A 2073A 2238E 2238D Linton
B021657 305765D Brunello, Roberta 2073E 2073E Cambridge City
JG006757 301071F Jermy, Jaden 2058A 2058A 2178A 2178A Bury St Edmunds
G006321 121038F Wallis, Ian J 2050A 2050A Bury St Edmunds
B020043 263176D Redman, David J 2043C 2043C 1855F 1855E Cambridge City
B002203 297733D Buisman, Bert D 2035C 2035B Cambridge City
JG001676 300903J Srivastava, Arnav 2028A 2028A 1923B 1923A Cambridge City
115235L McCorry, Robert T 2020B 2020A Cambridge City
B015922 148651C Robbins, Trevor 2008B 2020B Cambridge City
G013373 118460L Sanders, Robert R 2005A 2005A 1990B 1990A Sudbury
306488J Koiza, Peter 2005D 2005D 2050D Linton
B012578 110420C Fallon, Philip S 1983B 1960A Cambridge City
S016608 312605F Quader, Z Zia Mohammed 1983A 1983A 2005E 2005E Bury St Edmunds
G011978 127446G Kemp, Paul R 1975A 1975A 2058F 2058F Linton
B009971 140664E Pinner, Martin 1968A 1968A Linton
B014907 151917H Lewis, Stephen 1953A 1953A Bury St Edmunds, Stowmarket
G011477 240954K Hutchinson, Norman A 1953A 1953A 2125D Cambridge City
JG000046 304349G Trivedi, Aarnavh 1953A 1953A 1908A 1908A Linton
G011529 173708K Lenton, Oliver J 1945A 1945A 1735E 1735E Ely
JG000129 295496F Weersing, Abigail R 1945A 1945A 1923A 1923A Linton
JS008373 293599F Volovich, Julia 1938A 1938A 1885A 1885A Cambridge City
JG005601 297005D Sahinoz, Giulio O 1930B 1930B 1900D 1900C Linton
S018085 316421E Balogh, Jan 1923A 1923A 1885F 1885F Bury St Edmunds
JG005331 304986D Dharmasena, Gavith 1915A 1915A 1938D 1938C Linton
G000558 117887J Richardson, Alan 1908B 1908B 2065F Linton
G011959 140663C McMahon, Paul 1908A 1908A 1938F 1938E Linton
S008083 186035F Collins, Jonathan L 1908A 1908A 1915D 1915D Bury St Edmunds
G006833 256639E Pack, James 1908A 1908A 1840D 1840D Bury St Edmunds
B008406 269711H Ray, Julian 1900B 1900A Linton

Ratings. * after a rating indicates an estimated rating has been provided for the player.

Membership. A member number in red indicates the membership has expired, and one highlighted shows it expires before the end of the rating year. Pointing to the member number will display the last month of membership. Information from membership list dated 15 June 2021.