Players with ratings 1750-1899
Standard Play Rapid Play
Member ECF Ref Name Mar 21 Jan 21 Aug 20 Mar 21 Jan 21 Aug 20 Club
B001206 160502B Shephard, Andrew 1878C 1878A 1878D Bury St Edmunds, Ipswich, Suffolk CCA
JG000209 295344E John, Adam 1870A 1870A 1870B 1773A 1773A 1773B Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk CCA
G007861 110497E Feavyour, John A 1863A 1863A 1863B Ipswich, Saxmundham, Suffolk CCA
258763E Horan, George 1855F 1855F Bury St Edmunds
S010562 260371J Usher, Michael D 1848E 1848E 1848E Suffolk CCA
B001296 118426L Salmon, Andrew N 1833C 1833C 1833D 1795D 1795D Clacton
JS013835 313723F Kerr, Rowland 1833D 1833D 1833D 1765B 1765B 1765C Manningtree
108376E Clapham, Michael JW 1825C 1825B 1825E Ipswich, Suffolk CCA
G003606 251093F Brown, David E 1825B 1825A 1825B Saxmundham, Suffolk CCA
S006838 296198C Irwin, James 1825A 1825A 1825B 1668E 1668E 1668F Stowmarket, Suffolk CCA
G014891 118359L Ruthen, Stephen W 1818A 1818A 1818B Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk CCA
S005684 211033H Jones, Graeme 1818D 1818C 1818D Manningtree
G015130 277537C Lovell, Steve 1818A 1818A 1818B 1848F 1848F 1848F Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk CCA
S010989 140673F Barnes, Nathan 1810B 1810B 1810C 1870C 1870C 1870E Clacton, Manningtree, Suffolk CCA
S018896 281107J Brennan, Samuel J 1810D 1810D 1810D Ipswich, Suffolk CCA
B020000 320086D Magpuyo, Jay 1810B 1810B 1810C 1788F 1788F 1788F Bury St Edmunds
G001287 185499K Donnelly, Andrew J 1803A 1803A 1803B Bury St Edmunds, Sudbury
111629A Greenacre, Kevin P 1795E 1795D Ipswich
S002530 245164F Little, Cameron J 1795A 1795A 1795B 1810E 1810E 1810E Sudbury, Suffolk CCA
S015706 312616L Wesson, Timothy J 1795B 1795A 1795B 1638F 1638F 1638F Felixstowe, Suffolk CCA, Woodbridge Suffolk
S011103 111653J Greenwood, Neil 1788A 1788A 1788B 1750D 1750D 1750D Sudbury
P013524 128639A Stephens, Robert W 1788A 1788A 1788A 1773C 1773C 1773D Clacton, Manningtree, Suffolk CCA
G009066 147192C Pott, Laurie 1788C 1788B 1788C Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk CCA
B007361 221240H Buis, Jim 1788C 1788C 1788C Manningtree
B012994 309169H Martinez, Rene M 1788A 1788A 1788C Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk CCA
G004546 191416K Kirkham, Ed 1780A 1780A 1780B Felixstowe, Suffolk CCA
S014150 252177F Gaffney, Samuel 1780A 1780A 1780A 1585D 1585D 1585D Saxmundham, Woodbridge Suffolk
B013631 112914E Holt, H Roger 1773C 1773C 1773C Ipswich
B000421 121193G Watkins, Alan 1773A 1773A 1773B Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk CCA
G013460 113887L Jones, Robert L 1765A 1765A 1765A 1698E 1698E 1698E Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk CCA
B007790 180291E Wright, John 1750C 1750C 1750D Ipswich
S001376 260366E Irving, Angus 1750A 1750A 1750B 1653E 1653E 1653E Ipswich, Suffolk CCA

Ratings. * after a rating indicates an estimated rating has been provided for the player.

Membership. A member number in red indicates the membership has expired, and one highlighted shows it expires before the end of the rating year. Pointing to the member number will display the last month of membership. Information from membership list dated 28 February 2021.