Players with ratings 1600-1749
Standard Play Rapid Play
Member ECF Ref Name Jun 21 Jan 21 Aug 20 Jun 21 Jan 21 Aug 20 Club
B012238 302260C Clough, Peter WL 1735D 1735C 1735B 1623C 1623C 1623B North Norfolk
S022756 328203L Connor, Barry 1735F 1735F 1735F 1668E 1668E 1668E Lowestoft
B025196 138531J Shah, Biran S 1728A 1728A 1728A 1750F 1750F Norwich Dons
B013512 260467L Rickard, Robert E 1728C 1728B 1728A 1773F 1773F 1773E Wymondham
B017418 113196F Hughes, Ron 1720C 1720B 1720A 1518F 1518F 1518F Kings Lynn
B000920 312840E Chua, M Allan 1720D 1720C 1720B Kings Lynn
B002839 120639E Tuffin, Chris J 1705D 1705C 1705C Aylsham
S003102 148487E Payne, Colin R 1705A 1705A 1705A 1638C 1638C 1638B Norwich Dons
B004594 179135H King, Edward T 1705C 1705B 1705A 1630D 1630C 1630C St Johns Norwich
S009169 179145L Hines, Leon B 1705C 1705B 1705A 1795D Lowestoft
B008091 285286L Reeve, Jonathan R 1705B 1705A 1705A Aylsham
B021323 327033G Caponka, Raimondas 1705F 1705F 1705F Kings Lynn
G005822 160524A Tebble, Gregory H 1690B 1690A 1690A 1600C 1600C 1600B Norwich Dons
S008796 118815L Shaw, Kevin R 1683C 1683B 1683A Yarmouth
B016768 160518F Perry, Matthew R 1683D 1683D 1683D 1750B 1750B 1750A Aylsham, Broadland
S004432 164134H Graham, Donald M 1668A 1668A 1668A Norwich Dons
S003232 306960G Casti, Cristina 1668C 1668B 1668A 1480D 1480D 1480D Norfolk & Norwich
B009190 111280G Gladwell, Les G 1660B 1660A 1660A Fakenham
B016822 318157B Vara, Javier 1660D 1660D 1660D 1683F 1683F 1683F St Johns Norwich
B016499 245033B Antonov, Yosif A 1653C 1653C 1653B Norwich Dons
B014586 298503C Nichols, Simon R 1653C 1653B 1653B 1690E 1690E 1690D St Johns Norwich
P007859 121598L Wickham, John R 1645B 1645A 1645A Aylsham
S021584 252226D Grant, Joseph 1645D 1645D 1645D 1585D 1585D 1585D St Johns Norwich
B003612 312940J McLean, David E 1645A 1645A 1645A 1750A 1750A 1750A Aylsham, St Johns Norwich
S006639 312971J Payne, James E 1645C 1645A 1645A 1450E 1450E 1450E Lowestoft
B007810 124151F Weston, John F 1630A 1630A 1630A 1585C 1585C 1585B Fakenham
S013913 170276C Guinness, Rupert E 1630C 1630B 1630A 1705F 1705F 1705F Kings Lynn
S013205 175027G Downing, Richard A 1615C 1615B 1615A 1570D 1570C 1570B St Johns Norwich
S007996 121477K Danger, Johnny 1600C 1600A 1600A 1555D 1555D 1555C Norfolk & Norwich
B001118 252538A Pandian, Andrew S 1600C 1600A 1600A Norwich Dons
S010263 309824C Roantree, Max 1600E 1600C 1600C 1533F 1533F 1533F Norfolk & Norwich
S020156 321997F Livermore, Stephen 1600A 1600A 1600A Norwich Dons

Ratings. * after a rating indicates an estimated rating has been provided for the player.

Membership. A member number in red indicates the membership has expired, and one highlighted shows it expires before the end of the rating year. Pointing to the member number will display the last month of membership. Information from membership list dated 15 June 2021.