Players with ratings 1450-1599
Standard Play Rapid Play
Member ECF Ref Name Jun 21 Jan 21 Aug 20 Jun 21 Jan 21 Aug 20 Club
B000637 290356J Evans, Alex J 1585C 1585B 1585A 1443C 1443B 1443B North Norfolk
S002355 288001F Cunningham, Brian J 1578C 1578B 1578A 1458D 1458C 1458C St Johns Norwich
B003234 170296J Clarke, Crumpton 1570C 1570B 1570A 1585E 1585E 1585D St Johns Norwich
S002283 299748E Grindrod, Bob 1570B 1570A 1570A 1518E Aylsham
JS021701 301070D Boulter-Dolder, Eve 1570E 1570E 1570E 1705A 1705A 1705A Norfolk & Norwich, Norwich Juniors
B021419 327056H Mooney, Tony 1570D 1570D 1570D 1773F 1773F 1773F Broadland
S012527 119394G Sneesby, Phil 1555A 1555A 1555A 1585E 1585E 1585D St Johns Norwich
S007449 260114L Moran, Joe 1555C 1555B 1555A 1578F 1578F 1578E Kings Lynn
B000331 306966H Cornell, Adrian 1555D 1555C 1555C 1323E 1323E 1323E Broadland
B016742 318133K Sheehan, Christopher 1555C 1555A 1555A North Norfolk
JS017024 296697K Gibson, Jack 1548E 1548D 1548D Norfolk & Norwich
B005793 170138B Sargent, Gregory P 1540D 1540C 1540C 1705F 1705F 1705F Kings Lynn
B004639 250078E Hackford, Edward 1540C 1540A 1540A 1548B 1548B 1548A North Norfolk
B015585 105771G Annison, Thomas 1525C 1525B 1525A Fakenham
B006041 164015L Collins, Harvey W 1525C 1525B 1525A Fakenham
S022757 328204B Flynn, Chris 1525F 1525F 1525F 1450E 1450E 1450E Lowestoft
G002290 117978A Rissmann, Bodo U 1518A 1518A 1518A Wymondham
B003223 160011E Robertson, Craig 1518C 1518B 1518A Lowestoft
S013915 221196J Martin, Rupert P 1518B 1518A 1518A 1518E Aylsham
S009832 260000G Nettleton, Mark A 1510C 1510A 1510A 1615D 1615D Lowestoft
S003935 115708F Moore, David W 1480C 1480B 1480A Norfolk & Norwich
B002445 292090G Carman, Bruce M 1480B 1480A 1480A 1683E Aylsham
S009081 293979E Poll, Lawrence 1480E 1480C 1480C Norfolk & Norwich
S020042 229522C Morter, Matthew J 1473D 1473D 1473D Norwich Dons
B000304 160008E Bell, Adrian D 1465D 1465C 1465B Norfolk & Norwich
S015883 295062F Larner, Tony R 1465D 1465B 1465A 1458C 1458C 1458B North Norfolk
G003710 316078G May, David C 1465A 1465A 1465A 1518A 1518A 1518A St Johns Norwich
B014943 109039C Crane, Stephen F 1458B 1458A 1458A 1533E 1533E Norwich Dons
B017820 140681E Mirza, Humayun 1458D 1458D 1458D 1450E 1450E 1450E Norwich Dons
328575D Kasiviswanathan, Ramanathan 1458F 1458F 1458F Norfolk & Norwich
S010395 107721B Burrage, Michael B 1450C 1450B 1450A 1510F 1510F 1510F Yarmouth
S005565 190421J Clayton, Gerry 1450C 1450B 1450A 1518E 1518E 1518D St Johns Norwich
B002441 269257A Carter, Bruce 1450E 1450C 1450C 1585F 1585F 1585F Kings Lynn
JB006706 290357L Evans, Jack A 1450E 1450D 1450D 1368D 1368D 1368C North Norfolk
305090H Hewitt, Theo 1450B 1450A 1450A Norwich Juniors
B009918 311503D Griffin, Martin 1450B 1450A 1450A 1293E 1293E 1293E Broadland
B016955 318572C Reeve, Russell 1450D 1450D 1450D Aylsham

Ratings. * after a rating indicates an estimated rating has been provided for the player.

Membership. A member number in red indicates the membership has expired, and one highlighted shows it expires before the end of the rating year. Pointing to the member number will display the last month of membership. Information from membership list dated 15 June 2021.