Standard Play Rapid Play
Member ECF Ref Name Jun 21 Jan 21 Aug 20 Jun 21 Jan 21 Aug 20 Club
S003232 306960G Casti, Cristina 1668C 1668B 1668A 1480D 1480D 1480D Norfolk & Norwich
JS021701 301070D Boulter-Dolder, Eve 1570E 1570E 1570E 1705A 1705A 1705A Norfolk & Norwich, Norwich Juniors
B022421 327925L Bishop, Anne Louise 1428F 1428F 1428F Aylsham
S016887 316874J Kriksciuniene, Ruta 1345D 1345B 1345A 1315D 1315D 1315D North Norfolk
S006077 298513F Wells, Heather Enid 1210A 1210A 1210A 1203A 1203A 1203A Aylsham, Broadland
JS024105 313416H Foster-Amienne, Oona 1195C 1195C 1195C Norfolk & Norwich, Norfolk Schools
JS016970 302415F Pashley, Darcy 1158D 1158D 1158D 1255B 1255A 1255A Broadland
JS022951 305084B Rechel, Anna 1158C 1158B 1158B Norfolk & Norwich, Norfolk Schools
JS022347 303221J Mukhtyar, Sasha 1090E 1090E 1090E 1180C 1180B 1180B Norfolk & Norwich, Norfolk Schools, Norwich Juniors
JS022423 302376L Alanoor, Shruti 1075D 1075D 1075D Norfolk & Norwich, Norfolk Schools
JS022551 296684A Ranjitkar, Ria 1068F 1068F 1068F 1233D 1233D 1233C Norfolk & Norwich, Norfolk Schools
305095G Rohilla, Vanisha 1053C 1053B 1053B Norfolk Schools
313973G Pandey, Shona 1045B 1045A 1045A Norwich Juniors
313972E Abivardi, Paniz 1038C 1038A 1038A Norwich Juniors
JS021707 327380F Marchand, Daisy 1015A 1015A 1015A Norfolk Schools, Norwich Juniors
JS000822 306180C Turner, Alexandra 1008C 1008C 1008B Norfolk Schools, Norwich Juniors
JS016767 318138J Perry, Ruby 918A 918A 918A Broadland, Norwich Juniors
323828D Pang, Talia 895A 895A 895A Norfolk Schools, Norwich Juniors
JS022844 328253D Kasiviswanathan, Valliammai 880A 880A 880A Norwich Juniors
JS014712 312601J Needham, Sophia 865E 865E 865E 963E 963D 963D Broadland
JS019788 320119D Thirumurugarajah, Shaiya 865B 865A 865A Norfolk & Norwich, Norwich Juniors
313974J Hasgul, Helin 843D 843B 843B Norfolk Schools
316387J Rohilla, Nishka 828D 828C 828B Norfolk Schools
JS023268 328574B Samudrala, Guna KS 745D 745D 745D Norfolk & Norwich, Norwich Juniors
JS023798 320116J Ahmed, Juwairiah 723B 723A 723A Norfolk Schools, Norwich Juniors
321349D Voisey, Beatrice 715D 715A 715A Norfolk Schools, Norwich Juniors
313728E Marais, Sally 708F 708F 708F Broadland
316382K Danesh, Sepideh 708D 708D 708D Norwich Juniors
316993F Holmes, Amelia 708D 708D 708D Norwich Juniors
320114E Pfute, Khensani 708E 708E 708E Norfolk Schools
JS022209 323832F Goode, Beatrix 708D 708D 708D Norfolk Schools
323834K Tang, Kimberley 708F 708F 708F Norfolk Schools
JS022867 326327H Patel, Mahi 708F 708F 708F Norwich Juniors
JS021960 327481A Ziulpaite, Justina 708D 708D 708D Norwich Juniors
JS022868 328267D Patel, Siya 708F 708F 708F Norfolk Schools
328384H Pyburn, Ellen 708E 708E 708E Norfolk Schools
328385K Bullock, Darcy 708E 708E 708E Norfolk Schools
330781F Dasti, Shreshta 708F 708F 708F Norwich Juniors
330790G Ahmed, Namira 708F 708F 708F Norwich Juniors
JS022952 296689L Rechel, Nora Norfolk & Norwich
298520C Kalista, Agnieszka 1585F 1585F Kings Lynn
302385A McKean, Zoe 1203F 1203F Norfolk Schools
305074K Boulter-Dolder, Ruby 918C 918B Norwich Juniors
305082J Little, Amy 1503D 1503B 1608C 1608B North Norfolk
310905H Sargeant, Jasmine 708D 708D Norfolk Schools
315990F Perrem, Sophie 783C 783B Norfolk Schools
315991H Price, Alexa 708E 708E Norfolk Schools
316380F Uppal, Ajuni 708D 708D Norfolk Schools
320115G Hasgul, Berfin 843D 843D Norfolk Schools
325255D Thompson, Hettie 708F 708F Norfolk Schools
JS022404 327917A Adyanthaya, Saisha Norfolk Schools
JS023873 330257L Frith, Esther Broadland

Ratings. * after a rating indicates an estimated rating has been provided for the player.

Membership. A member number in red indicates the membership has expired, and one highlighted shows it expires before the end of the rating year. Pointing to the member number will display the last month of membership. Information from membership list dated 15 June 2021.