Standard Play Rapid Play
Member ECF Ref Name Jun 21 Jan 21 Aug 20 Jun 21 Jan 21 Aug 20 Club
JG015955 291291A See, Tristian 2103C 2103A 2103A 2005D 2005D 2005C Cambridge City
JG006757 301071F Jermy, Jaden 2058A 2058A 2058A 2178B 2178A 2178A Bury St Edmunds
JG001676 300903J Srivastava, Arnav 2028A 2028A 2028A 1923B 1923B 1923A Cambridge City
JG000046 304349G Trivedi, Aarnavh 1953A 1953A 1953A 1908B 1908A 1908A Linton
JG000129 295496F Weersing, Abigail R 1945A 1945A 1945A 1923A 1923A 1923A Linton
JS008373 293599F Volovich, Julia 1938A 1938A 1938A 1885A 1885A 1885A Cambridge City
JG005601 297005D Sahinoz, Giulio O 1930C 1930B 1930B 1900D 1900D 1900C Linton
JG005331 304986D Dharmasena, Gavith 1915A 1915A 1915A 1938E 1938D 1938C Linton
JG014189 291622J Gilmore, Samuel 1893B 1893A 1893A 1840C 1840B 1840B Linton
JG000209 295344E John, Adam 1870B 1870A 1870A 1773B 1773A 1773A Bury Knights, Bury St Edmunds
JG008852 305057K Dharmasena, Kian 1863A 1863A 1863A 1795E 1795E 1795D Linton
JG014232 289274B Weersing, Sarah R 1855B 1855A 1855A 1705D 1705D 1705C Linton
JS013883 310371H Evans, Ruben Nangalia 1788A 1788A 1788A 1743A 1743A 1743A Linton
JS016492 297372J Pilowsky Bankirer, Yoav 1675B 1675A 1675A 1683C 1683B 1683A Linton
JS016349 315366G Gu, William 1623D 1623D 1623D 1645A 1645A 1645A Bury Knights, Bury St Edmunds
JB019015 318599A Redstone, Adam 1555D 1555D 1555D 1608F Linton
297303A Roy, Tom 1540D 1540C 1540B 1495C 1495B 1495B Bury St Edmunds
JS014486 312625A Gordon-Shah, Shivum 1540C 1540B 1540A 1570C 1570C 1570B Linton
JG016743 317582A Linton, Alexander 1533D 1533D 1533D 1668A 1668A 1668A Cambridge City
JG001027 299354F John, Amy 1525C 1525B 1525A 1518B 1518A 1518A Bury Knights, Bury St Edmunds
JG013830 302103J Kent, Rowan 1495A 1495A 1495A 1570A 1570A 1570A Bury St Edmunds
JS017385 282766K Saenz de Villaverde, Mario 1465D 1465D 1465D Bury St Edmunds
JS018571 318427E Xu, Albert 1450D 1450D 1450D Cambridge City
JS011658 300902G Pilowsky Bankirer, Oren 1435D 1435C 1435A 1420C 1420C 1420C Linton
JS019384 307347G Varea, Benjamin 1383D 1383D 1383D 1278C 1278B 1278A Linton
JG016098 302840K Banerjee, Vikram K 1368C 1368A 1368A 1413D 1413D 1413C Linton
JS007262 302097G Rochford, Jenni 1323E 1323D 1323C 1300E 1300C 1300B Stowmarket
JS000145 293603D Syposz, Adam 1315D 1315D 1315D Cambridge City
JS002697 304995E Goldsmith, Charlie TL 1285B 1285A 1285A 1450D 1450C 1450B Linton
320665J Hartshorn, Harry 1278C 1278A 1278A Bury Knights
JP020871 323157E Jones, Annchen 1240E 1240E 1240E 1473D 1473D 1473D Linton
JS017073 318098A Yuan, Derek 1225D 1225D 1225D 1390B 1390A 1390A Cambridge City
JS022297 308299E Pommier, Theo 1180F 1180F 1180F 1233C 1233A 1233A Bury St Edmunds
JP020873 323158G Jones, Cailynn 1158D 1158D 1158D 1450D 1450D 1450D Linton
JS006532 308298C Kim, Isaac 1135A 1135A 1135A Bury St Edmunds
JS024892 309758E Calumpiano, Raf 1090E 1090E 1090E 1180D 1180C 1180C Bury St Edmunds
JS019912 321402D Flack, Espen 1068E 1068D 1068D Bury Knights, Bury St Edmunds
JS022001 325398D Rogers, Dylan 1060E 1060E 1060E Linton
301075C Martin, Tia 1045E 1045E 1045E 1240C 1240B 1240B Bury St Edmunds
JS024472 316227J Syposz, Iza 1008D 1008D 1008D Cambridge City
JS016689 318119E Quader, Rafael 955D 955D 955D Bury Knights, Bury St Edmunds
JS016690 318120A Quader, Raifah 708D 708D 708D Bury Knights
305551G Trivedi, Aayoush 1188D 1188D 1293D Linton
315100B Stein, Daniel 1653D 1653D 1645E Linton
JS019680 316240A Kim, Gabriel 708D 708D Bury St Edmunds
JS025068 323433C Goodger, Samuel 820F 820F Bury Knights

Ratings. * after a rating indicates an estimated rating has been provided for the player.

Membership. A member number in red indicates the membership has expired, and one highlighted shows it expires before the end of the rating year. Pointing to the member number will display the last month of membership. Information from membership list dated 15 June 2021.