Peterborough Chess Club
Standard Play Rapid Play
Member ECF Ref Name Jul 21 Jan 21 Sep 20 Jul 21 Jan 21 Sep 20 Club
300042E Anbazhagan, Nitesh Peterborough
231546E Ariff, Faisal Peterborough
320068B Backham, David Peterborough
305727G Bane, John Peterborough
160356F Bartlett, A Peterborough
283867K Bashir, Zahid Peterborough
194247F Bell, John J Peterborough
B020601 317332L Bengtson, Christian 1555B 1555A 1555A Peterborough
JG006446 283325G Bin-Suhayl, Ieysaa 2290A 2290A 2290A 2245E 2245D Peterborough
905284H Bird, A Peterborough
G007398 274792D Blair, Jimmy 1413B 1413B 1413A Peterborough
P005068 107071L Bowers, Francis J 1930A 1930A 1930A 1908E 1908E 1908E Peterborough
126624L Brammer, Richard J Peterborough
267342D Brown, Brent Peterborough
261607F Brown, Dave E Peterborough
164306L Brown, Faron Peterborough
302368A Browness, Stephen J Peterborough
B017457 318719G Browning, Dennis 1855A 1855A 1855A Peterborough
270558J Bucko, Rusty Peterborough
133214E Burbage, Roger E Peterborough
266837D Cairney, Ken Peterborough
JS022381 327903A Calvert, George 1263A 1263A 1263A 1555F 1555F 1555F Peterborough
B014163 246652B Caraway, Samuel 1833B 1833A 1833A Peterborough
293074C Cawley, Stephen Peterborough
153262F Chedd, Neil Peterborough
178636C Chevalier, A Peterborough
314027B Chojak, Pawel Peterborough
312838G Chojak, Piotr C 1225D 1225D Peterborough
B019045 300483B Conlon, James 1555D 1555D 1555D Peterborough
902630H Connolly, Elouise Peterborough
146952G Connolly, Jamie Peterborough
G009650 108712F Connolly, Marcus PA 1735A 1735A 1735A Peterborough
108836B Cooper, I Peterborough
148535A Cureton, G Peterborough
317333B Dalton, Ruta Peterborough
B005169 295176K Davies, Frederick G Peterborough
170308A Dawson, Philip Peterborough
147026H Dawson, Richard Peterborough
160476E Dooman, Asher Peterborough
147224A Dowson, K Peterborough
G010510 170309C Dunkley, Michael 1855A 1855A 1855A Peterborough
150099F Eames, I Peterborough
161813B Edwards, V Peterborough
275407B Evans, George Peterborough
287824A Farrington, Stuart Peterborough
140589F Farrow, P Peterborough
G011035 293495E Fisher, Neal 1773A 1773A 1773A Peterborough
140576H Franklin, A Peterborough
161814D Gallagher, P Peterborough
140577K Gardener, Andrew RF Peterborough
148540E Garfield, Martin Peterborough
311513G Geiger, Alex Peterborough
313642F Ghosh, Rishiraj Peterborough
111174H Gibbon, E Wes Peterborough
B025645 142364C Gibbon, Eric 1953F 1953E Peterborough
164308D Gilbertson, Dale Peterborough
161816H Gossage, D Peterborough
B020204 315120H Gostiev, Dmytro 1390E 1390E 1390E Peterborough
128072H Green, Mark Peterborough
B001540 311514J Groom, Anthony Peterborough
160477G Gunthorpe, M Peterborough
164307B Harlock, Ben Peterborough
295019E Hinch, Reuben Peterborough
257481A Holley, Malcolm Peterborough
271631J Horne, Kester Peterborough
B021030 321137L Howland, Luke 1638B 1638A 1638A Peterborough
113161J Hughes, David E Peterborough
306977B Johns, A Kevin Peterborough
140580K Jones, B Peterborough
140581A Jones, Nathan Peterborough
302959B Kamarauskas, Audrius Peterborough
283868A Kaszuba, Adrian 1870D 1870C Peterborough
289714D Kaszuba, Iga Peterborough
240409G King, Kathryn Peterborough
262755D Knight, Ian Peterborough
234491K Knight, Steve J Peterborough
154981K Konik, James Peterborough
331260E Krishnamurthy, Chandramouli Peterborough
305046E Krivins, Andris 1420F Peterborough
299345E Kuttikrishnan, Kalaraj Peterborough
293580G Lakocy, Marcen Peterborough
161817K Lane, A Peterborough
249520L Lloyd, Rob Peterborough
905290C Longstaff, K Peterborough
154982A Lovell, George Peterborough
150101L Martin, A Peterborough
178635A Matthews Peterborough
S004072 291538J McClennon, David 1480E 1480E 1480E Peterborough
140633E McLean, W Peterborough
G013105 160376A McMorran, Richard 1653A 1653A 1653A Peterborough
311515L Messina, Eduardo Peterborough
161819C Middleton, S Peterborough
154286C Mills, David Peterborough
JS023777 330215F Mirji, Dhruv 1053E 1053E 1053E Peterborough
117089C Molyneux, CE Peterborough
225728C Moore, Tom Peterborough
153212B Morris, Peter Peterborough
160482L Mott, R Peterborough
160378E Mumford, P Peterborough
153263H Murphy, Gary Peterborough
140637B Norris, Peter Peterborough
160483B O'Donnell, P Peterborough
B022964 301748F O'Keefe, Tom 1218D 1218D 1218D Peterborough
296933G Ockwell, Darren Peterborough
301976H Patel, Maya Peterborough
331261G Penniston, John Peterborough
160389K Perrin, David Peterborough
270556E Pleasance-Brown, Brett Peterborough
275147B Pleasants, B Peterborough
103833D Pratt, Timothy Peterborough
270577B Ratislav, B Peterborough
305728J Rawlinson, Martin Peterborough
331262J Reddy Katha, Anish Peterborough
331263L Reddy, Raghunath Peterborough
249521B Reid, Mike Peterborough
160394C Rhodes, Ben Peterborough
JG000718 309822K Richards, Alexander 1765A 1765A 1765A 1765A 1765A 1765A Peterborough
301974D Richards, Imola Peterborough
301975F Rodriguez, Dario Peterborough
118187H Rooke, DJ Peterborough
225733G Roy, G Peterborough
187395H Rubin, I Peterborough
234490H Russell, Mark Peterborough
263806L Russell, Paul Peterborough
164305J Shah, Saneer Peterborough
244284L Sharif, Sam Peterborough
118973G Sidney, M Peterborough
275406L Silman, Peter R Peterborough
127850C Simhadri, A Peterborough
257474D Sinaie, Mehrdad Peterborough
257851H Sinale, M Peterborough
119055G Singh, PB Peterborough
140641D Singh, R Peterborough
317334D Speyer, Morton Peterborough
268594C Sriemevan, Mathavan Peterborough
161825J Stephenson, S Peterborough
160488A Stuartson, P Peterborough
288780A Sunku, Rohit 1315* 1315F 1315F Peterborough
B002863 214364B Tandy, Chris 2073E 2073C 2073B Peterborough
294371C Tandy, Gabriela 1825E 1825E Peterborough
G013559 120174J Taylor, Robert K 1960A 1960A 1960A 2043C 2043C 2043B Peterborough
304814H Thurley, Hannah Peterborough
262730K Thursby, Chris Peterborough
270581D Timoshenko, Andrei 2253D 2253D 2253C Peterborough
279070B Timoshenko, I Peterborough
271633B Verdegam, James Peterborough
278974H Vine, Elzbieta Peterborough
285852G Walker, R Peterborough
103871A Walters, Ben Peterborough
B021147 308738E Waterman, Gavin 1150A 1150A 1150A Peterborough
160491A Wells, John Peterborough
194262B Whitlock, J Peterborough
166599G Whitlock, Kevin Peterborough

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