Bedfordshire CCA Chess Club
Standard Play Rapid Play
Member ECF Ref Name Jun 21 Sep 20 Jun 21 Sep 20
B015419 278437D Arulnandhy, Ravi 2073D 2073C 1983E 1983E
G005749 189047F Borrowdale, Graham E 2028C 2028A 2193F 2193E
S010675 225693K Botteley, Michael T 2043C 2043A 1870E 1870D
G012278 108449F Clarke, Peter C 1915B 1915A
B017019 187297H Collacott, Nick 2020C 2020B
JG009376 300990H Cox, Lucian 1600A 1600A 1668A 1668A
G003849 306575D Cox, R David 1270A 1270A 1270B 1270A
JG015755 301864H Cox, Toby 2080A 2080A 2110A 2110A
P000328 110244J Elwin, Adrian G 2043A 2043A
B008340 309141H Estevez Fernandez, Josue 1968C 1968A 1915F
S015504 302203B Evans, Thomas 1683B 1683A 1788D
G013063 110911L Freeman, Richard CP 2118A 2118A 2020D 2020D
S006952 274335J Gardner, James 2080B 2080A 2043E 2043D
G011993 111848B Habershon, Paul F 1938A 1938A 2155E 2155D
S012733 298423E Karimi, Qais 1960B 1960A 1915C 1915C
G005267 127495J Kenworthy, Gary 2283C 2283A 2230E 2230D
G024084 309940E Kostov, Stratsimir K 2290E 2290E
B015034 114126A Law, Stephen 2058A 2058A 1960E 1960D
G014995 114228J Ledger, Stephen C 2185A 2185A 2125E
G017553 140680C Matthews, Adrian MS 1878A 1878A 1833F 1833E
G013105 160376A McMorran, Richard 1653A 1653A
G004831 306950D Meichel, Eric B 2020D 2020C
JG010948 292966B Nataraj, Nakul 2133A 2133A 1923D 1923B
G009616 300759F Obi, Marc ON 1938A 1938A 1900F 1900E
S022091 117749H Reed, Darren S 2005D 2005D 1945E 1945E
G005733 119233E Smith, Graham 1960C 1960A
B003158 119416B Solloway, Colin J 1593C 1593A
S012310 251109F Taylor, Peter 1825D 1825C
G002415 120787J Valentine, Brian J 1908A 1908A 1818D 1818D
G008779 126800E Williamson, Kevin J 1945A 1945A 1855E 1855D

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