Woodbridge School Chess Club
Standard Play Rapid Play
Member ECF Ref Name Jun 21 Jan 21 Aug 20 Jun 21 Jan 21 Aug 20
315247K Bartlett-Smith, Fred 993E 993D
296714F Corfe, Katarina 1315D 1315D 1315D
315248A Davis, Digby 1038D 1038D 1038D
320668D Denvir, Oscar 708D 708D
299882J Durbakula, Abhiram 1248E 1248E
JS024160 320669F Gower, Tristan 1015C 1015B 1015A
JG013830 302103J Kent, Rowan 1495A 1495A 1495A 1570A 1570A 1570A
B021734 306501H Kent, Tim 1323F 1323F 1323E
JS026223 315243B Laguda, Lade 708F 708F 708F 940C 940A 940A
319876F Lai, Henry
JS022296 303496D Pommier, Georgia 1255F 1255F 1255F 1398C 1398A 1398A
JS022298 320670B Pommier, Mariella 708D 708D 708D
JS022295 299900G Pommier, Marina 1435F 1435F 1435F 1390C 1390A 1390A
JS022297 308299E Pommier, Theo 1180F 1180F 1180F 1233C 1233A 1233A
JS019502 314723L Pothos-Tapper, Theo 1128C 1128A 1128A
JS025705 320664G Richards, Oliver 1023A 1023A 1023A
319877H Seaden, James 1000D 1000D 1000D
318780K Stork, Oliver 2305E 2305E 1960D 1960D
323446A Thompson, Arwen 888D 888D 888D
299889A Toubasey, Saif 1248E
320666L Van Walsum, Hans 895D 895D 895D
JS026220 320672F Watling, Arthur 903B 903A 903A

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Membership. A member number in red indicates the membership has expired, and one highlighted shows it expires before the end of the rating year. Pointing to the member number will display the last month of membership. Information from membership list dated 15 June 2021.

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