Ipswich Chess Club
Standard Play Rapid Play
Member ECF Ref Name Mar 21 Jan 21 Aug 20 Mar 21 Jan 21 Aug 20
B007826 128750D Barratt, John 1473D 1473D 1473D
S018896 281107J Brennan, Samuel J 1810D 1810D 1810D
B023922 108235J Chapman, Philip J 1263F 1263F 1263F
108376E Clapham, Michael JW 1825C 1825B 1825E
G010601 108778C Cook, Michael P 2013B 2013A 2013C
G007861 110497E Feavyour, John A 1863A 1863A 1863B
G009907 252129F Fogg, Martin 2058B 2058B 2058C
B011789 316420C Glason, Patrick 1203B 1203B 1203C
111629A Greenacre, Kevin P 1795E 1795D
G014877 111689H Gregory, Stephen J 2133A 2133A 2133B
185206B Hill, Luke 2058E 2058D 2058E
B013631 112914E Holt, H Roger 1773C 1773C 1773C
G012259 113051B Housden, Peter T 1338A 1338A 1338C 1480D 1480D 1480D
S001376 260366E Irving, Angus 1750A 1750A 1750B 1653E 1653E 1653E
S009200 113849C Jones, Les J 1728A 1728A 1728B
329366L Kaluziak, Karol
329365J Kaminskiene, Odetta
B008674 114676C Lunn, Ken 1503A 1503A 1503B
S015696 114679J Lunn, Timothy 2103B 2103A 2103C
B004609 115103E Matthewson, Edward 1945A 1945A 1945B
B001085 154341G Molloy, Andrew 1458D 1458D 1458D
G005727 115711F Moore, Graham J 2230A 2230A 2230B
B012548 233838F Mortonson, Phil 1443C 1443C 1443C
G014433 115973C Munson, Shaun D 2080A 2080A 2080C
S000930 140699B Paez, Alonso 1653A 1653A 1653B
JG008103 309757C Painter, Jonathan 1015D 1015D 1015D
G014553 291535C Peck, Silas OJ 2080C 2080C 2080D
S009844 295846G Pulman, Mark A 1623D 1623D 1623D
233175F Riley, Simon
JG000772 280164E Sheerin, Alex 1968A 1968A 1968B 1878E 1878E 1878E
B001206 160502B Shephard, Andrew 1878C 1878A 1878D
S013679 119354F Smith, Roger N 1383A 1383A 1383A 1360A 1360A 1360B
S012255 259537A Smyth, Pete 1743D 1743D 1743D
S010563 119463L Spalding, Michael GC 1390C 1390B 1390C
S017177 181104G Stow, James 1105C 1105B 1105C
G006321 121038F Wallis, Ian J 2050A 2050A 2050B
B000187 287746G Wilson, Adam 1465C 1465C 1465C
268732L Woodcock, Keith D 1660C 1660C
B007790 180291E Wright, John 1750C 1750C 1750D

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