Aylsham Chess Club
Standard Play Rapid Play
Member ECF Ref Name Jun 21 Sep 20 Jun 21 Sep 20
B022421 327925L Bishop, Anne Louise 1428F 1428F
B002445 292090G Carman, Bruce M 1480B 1480A 1683E
B004130 281093B Elsey, David B 1390B 1390A 1353B 1353A
B017514 295098E Fruish, Callum 1270C 1270A
S020325 322388H Gallagher, Andy 978D 978D 1105E 1105E
S002283 299748E Grindrod, Bob 1570B 1570A 1518E
B003366 185243H Hedges, Daniel R 1833D 1833D
B021544 327334K Love, David 1098E 1098E
S013915 221196J Martin, Rupert P 1518B 1518A 1518E
B003612 312940J McLean, David E 1645A 1645A 1750A 1750A
G004132 116557E Owen, David M 1788B 1788A 1728D 1728D
B016768 160518F Perry, Matthew R 1683D 1683D 1750B 1750A
B010103 153308D Rausch, Matthew 1765C 1765A
B008091 285286L Reeve, Jonathan R 1705B 1705A
B016955 318572C Reeve, Russell 1450D 1450D
B017298 318678H Tubby, Peter 1053C 1053A
B002839 120639E Tuffin, Chris J 1705D 1705C
S006077 298513F Wells, Heather Enid 1210A 1210A 1203A 1203A
P007859 121598L Wickham, John R 1645B 1645A

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