Broadland Chess Club
Standard Play Rapid Play
Member ECF Ref Name Jun 21 Jan 21 Aug 20 Jun 21 Jan 21 Aug 20
JS007198 302377B Ambadkar, Jay 1278D 1278D 1278D 1330A 1330A 1330A
S015936 105777H Ansell, Trevor J 1833B 1833A 1833A
281101H Arnold, Anthony J 1353D 1353C 1473D
JS016956 318573E Artherton, George 708B 708A 708A
JS021604 327342J Artherton, Reuben
B012120 106018B Badger, Paul ER 1750B 1750A 1750A 1983D 1983D 1983C
JG006446 283325G Bin-Suhayl, Ieysaa 2290A 2290A 2290A 2245E 2245D
279500A Bin-Suhayl, Yousuf 1975D 1960E 1960E 1960D
JS023415 329806B Boakes, Oliver 708F 708F 708F
281103A Carter, David L 1788E 1788D
B023256 329767G Cook, Chris
B012121 298804F Coppard, Paul J 1263C 1263B 1263B 1158D 1158D 1158D
B000331 306966H Cornell, Adrian 1555D 1555C 1555C 1323E 1323E 1323E
JS022105 327784H Covell, Thomas
JS006740 307349L Davison, Jacob 1255E 1255E 1255E 1278A 1278A 1278A
JS003354 315988H Dawson, Daniel 805C 805A 805A
JS008297 305083L Dawson, Joshua 708F 708F 1038C 1038A 1038A
298704B Denniss, Trevor T 1330D 1330C 1345D
B006119 185233E Duncanson, Henry G 2208C 2208C
JS022104 327783F Dziedzik, Wiktor 708E 708E 708E
JS023417 329808F Folland, Ori 753F 753F 753F
B022553 194716D Frean, Daniel J 1998C 1998A 1998A 1915D 1915D 1915D
JS019198 320122D Frith, Charles 753B 753A 753A
JS023873 330257L Frith, Esther
318843H Garwood, Samuel 708E 708D 708D
B009918 311503D Griffin, Martin 1450B 1450A 1450A 1293E 1293E 1293E
S010182 260544C Haines, Matthew A 1345C 1345C 1345C 1525F 1525F 1525F
JS005479 308049D Hall, George 708F 708F 708F 1053A 1053A 1053A
JS006669 305086F Hall, Jack 1008F 1008E 1008E 1150A 1150A 1150A
JS022106 327785K Hallsworth, Aiden 708E 708E 708E
JS022389 327911L Harman, William 963D 963D 963D
G013857 113194B Hughes, Roy 2095A 2095A 2095A 2028B 2028A 2028A
B001355 312910L Jones, Andy S 1188D 1188C 1188B 1105F
JS021492 327097L Jones, Henry 708E 708E 708E
JS023416 329807D Kerry, Lewis
S003873 114722F Mabbs, David J 1990D 1990C 1998B 1998A 1998A
313728E Marais, Sally 708F 708F 708F
B008728 115278G McEwan, Ken B 2163B 2163A 2163A 2238E 2238D 2238D
JS017470 318853L McNamara, Gabriel 903A 903A 903A
B021419 327056H Mooney, Tony 1570D 1570D 1570D 1773F 1773F 1773F
G005554 115710D Moore, Gerald 2170A 2170A 2170A 2125A 2125A 2125A
JS014712 312601J Needham, Sophia 865E 865E 865E 963E 963D 963D
JS021528 321649E Newall, Harry 1180A 1180A 1180A
JS016970 302415F Pashley, Darcy 1158D 1158D 1158D 1255B 1255A 1255A
302386C Pashley, Ewan 1150E 1150D 1098D 1098C
JS021491 323830B Perrow, Merlin 1218A 1218A 1218A
JS002171 302416H Perry, Benjie 1263F 1263F 1300A 1300A 1300A
B016768 160518F Perry, Matthew R 1683D 1683D 1683D 1750B 1750B 1750A
JS016767 318138J Perry, Ruby 918A 918A 918A
274064D Polaczek, Richard 2358D 2358C 2358C
S015087 117522B Pullinger, Steve J 2020C 2020A 2020A 2035E 2035E 2035E
B017328 254362L Rampling, David A 1210E 1210D 1210D
B009555 312539H Rowney, Malcolm 1090D 1090D 1090D
B025678 329974A Ryall, Thomas Robert 1225F 1225F 1225F
S008530 285144B Saravanan, Karthik 1930E 1930C 1908E 1908E
JS008431 295116C Singh, Justin 1038E 1038D 1038D 1128B 1128A 1128A
309673H Skodlerack, Ferdinand 1015C 1015C
270606E Smith, Robert FW 1360D 1360C 1495E 1495E
B024937 322448L Stephanides, Costakis 1263E 1263E 1263E
JS019976 321566A Stephanides-Price, Django Tenzin 865C 865A 865A
JS023870 330255G Tooley, George 708F 708F 708F
JS002104 299885D Ward, Benedict 1240D 1240C 1240B 1345A 1345A 1345A
S010213 313023L Watts, Matthew C 1083E 1083D 1180F
S006077 298513F Wells, Heather Enid 1210A 1210A 1210A 1203A 1203A 1203A

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