Wymondham Chess Club
Standard Play Rapid Play
Member ECF Ref Name Jun 21 Sep 20 Jun 21 Sep 20
302402H Banfield, Aidan 1105E
296713D Bian, Yuming 1375C 1375A
S004823 292088J Bradley, Eric 1255C 1255B 1300E 1300E
B016363 287346B Bradley, William 1773C 1773B 1765D 1765C
B015889 213922E Cane, Tony 1278E 1278D
B006428 303075B Clarke, Ian 955E 955E
B003207 260470L Dekker, Cor 1968B 1968A
B007576 140734L Doughty, John D 1420D 1420D
S003104 170297L Goodchild, Colin 1413C 1413B 1330F 1330F
B011085 161686K Hickman, Neil 1758B 1758A
JS023468 310920D Lin, Henry 1135E 1135D
JS005480 305087H Lyall, George 1083E 1083E 1458A 1458A
B005894 281100F Lyall, Hamish D 1788C 1788A 1698D
JS019915 311611G Mohammed, Ahmed 1263A 1263A
B013512 260467L Rickard, Robert E 1728C 1728A 1773F 1773E
G002290 117978A Rissmann, Bodo U 1518A 1518A
B018800 319514E Weston, Samuel 1308D 1308D
B007799 170320B Williams, John 1278D 1278D

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