Norfolk & Norwich Chess Club
Standard Play Rapid Play
Member ECF Ref Name Jun 21 Jan 21 Aug 20 Jun 21 Jan 21 Aug 20
JS022423 302376L Alanoor, Shruti 1075D 1075D 1075D
S023183 269246G Amarawickrama, Himan Uddama 2028E 2028E 2028E
JS019021 307350G Amarawickrama, Himash 1248A 1248A 1248A
G013949 258898F Barnes, Ryan PI 1938C 1938B 1938A 1893D 1893D 1893C
B000304 160008E Bell, Adrian D 1465D 1465C 1465B
JS021701 301070D Boulter-Dolder, Eve 1570E 1570E 1570E 1705A 1705A 1705A
S003232 306960G Casti, Cristina 1668C 1668B 1668A 1480D 1480D 1480D
S002109 108660B Collinson, Benjamin PQ 2080B 2080A 2080A 1968F 1968E 1968D
S007996 121477K Danger, Johnny 1600C 1600A 1600A 1555D 1555D 1555C
JS001717 306183J Dannatt, Arthur 1270E 1270E 1270D 1525A 1525A 1525A
B002489 273151E Foard, Callum 1758E 1758D 1758D
JS024105 313416H Foster-Amienne, Oona 1195C 1195C 1195C
B001615 255975E Ganesan, Arasu 2125C 2125C 2125B 2193E 2193E 2193E
JS017024 296697K Gibson, Jack 1548E 1548D 1548D
328575D Kasiviswanathan, Ramanathan 1458F 1458F 1458F
302288C Leach, Adam James 2028E 2028C 2028B
318752E Miguel, Jean 1810B 1810A 1810F 1810F
S003935 115708F Moore, David W 1480C 1480B 1480A
JS022347 303221J Mukhtyar, Sasha 1090E 1090E 1090E 1180C 1180B 1180B
G015005 116510A Orton, Stephen LA 2125A 2125A 2125A 2080D 2080C 2080C
290840C Pickering, Charlie 1308F 1308F
S009081 293979E Poll, Lawrence 1480E 1480C 1480C
256164F Porter, Richard J 1645D 1645C
JS022551 296684A Ranjitkar, Ria 1068F 1068F 1068F 1233D 1233D 1233C
JS022951 305084B Rechel, Anna 1158C 1158B 1158B
B022950 192664A Rechel, Bernd
JS022952 296689L Rechel, Nora
S010263 309824C Roantree, Max 1600E 1600C 1600C 1533F 1533F 1533F
S021863 302667L Sadler, Ben 1908B 1908A 1908A 1818B 1818A 1818A
JS023268 328574B Samudrala, Guna KS 745D 745D 745D
G005660 253447C Scott, Gordon W 2298D 2298D 2230E 2230E 2230E
JS022477 325253L Smith, Adam 970E 970E 970E
B017762 153290L Smith, Paul P 1960F 1960F
JS019788 320119D Thirumurugarajah, Shaiya 865B 865A 865A
S015381 120707G Turner, Terry J 1870B 1870A 1870A 1938F 1938F
G007979 126992G Wood, John A 1900D 1900D 1900D 1983D 1983D 1983D

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