North Norfolk Chess Club
Standard Play Rapid Play
Member ECF Ref Name Jun 21 Jan 21 Aug 20 Jun 21 Jan 21 Aug 20
B012238 302260C Clough, Peter WL 1735D 1735C 1735B 1623C 1623C 1623B
B000637 290356J Evans, Alex J 1585C 1585B 1585A 1443C 1443B 1443B
JB006706 290357L Evans, Jack A 1450E 1450D 1450D 1368D 1368D 1368C
B004639 250078E Hackford, Edward 1540C 1540A 1540A 1548B 1548B 1548A
S016887 316874J Kriksciuniene, Ruta 1345D 1345B 1345A 1315D 1315D 1315D
S015883 295062F Larner, Tony R 1465D 1465B 1465A 1458C 1458C 1458B
305082J Little, Amy 1503D 1503B 1608C 1608B
S011587 300665H McCoan, Oliver 1330C 1330A 1330A 1225E 1225E 1225E
JS020718 316875L Mulligan, Jacob 1135E 1135E 1135E 1023D 1023D 1023D
S000452 296731F Page, Alan F 1765C 1765B 1765B 1900C 1900C 1900B
B007598 264924L Pearl, John RF 880D 880C 880C 1023C 1023A 1023A
G003485 305628E Pigott, Darrell N 1960B 1960A 1960A 1848C 1848C 1848C
B020194 322015B Piper, Tony 1308D 1308D 1308D 1503D 1503D 1503D
B016742 318133K Sheehan, Christopher 1555C 1555A 1555A
157285E Smith, Raymond E
G008121 121366A Wells, Jonathan C 1990A 1990A 1990A 1998E 1998E 1998C

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