Lowestoft Chess Club
Standard Play Rapid Play
Member ECF Ref Name Jun 21 Sep 20 Jun 21 Sep 20
G007925 105715H Anderson, John 2223A 2223A 2238D 2238D
S021246 326960H Chapman, Liam 1323E 1323E
321479F Chapman, Volodymyr 1308D
S022756 328203L Connor, Barry 1735F 1735F 1668E 1668E
170275A Cotterell, Stephen J 1533C 1465D
S022757 328204B Flynn, Chris 1525F 1525F 1450E 1450E
S014150 252177F Gaffney, Samuel 1780A 1780A 1585D 1585C
S023222 301425D Galletti, Armando 1773D 1773D 1608D 1608D
S008593 111092F Garrod, Keith 1360E 1360D 1173E
S001332 150241E Hartland, Andrew D 1870A 1870A 1728E 1728E
S009169 179145L Hines, Leon B 1705C 1705A 1795D
S007502 114021J Lambert, John F 1765B 1765A 1698C
S009832 260000G Nettleton, Mark A 1510C 1510A 1615D
S006639 312971J Payne, James E 1645C 1645A 1450E 1450E
B003223 160011E Robertson, Craig 1518C 1518A
120597D Tripp, Terry C 1803D 1825D

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