Peterborough Chess Club
Standard Play Rapid Play
Member ECF Ref Name Jun 21 Sep 20 Jun 21 Sep 20
231546E Ariff, Faisal
B020601 317332L Bengtson, Christian 1555B 1555A
JG006446 283325G Bin-Suhayl, Ieysaa 2290A 2290A 2245D
G007398 274792D Blair, Jimmy 1413B 1413A
P005068 107071L Bowers, Francis J 1930A 1930A 1908E 1908E
B017457 318719G Browning, Dennis 1855A 1855A
JS022381 327903A Calvert, George 1263A 1263A 1555F 1555F
B014163 246652B Caraway, Samuel 1833B 1833A
312838G Chojak, Piotr C 1225D
B019045 300483B Conlon, James 1555D 1555D
G009650 108712F Connolly, Marcus PA 1735A 1735A
G010510 170309C Dunkley, Michael 1855A 1855A
G011035 293495E Fisher, Neal 1773A 1773A
148540E Garfield, Martin
B025645 142364C Gibbon, Eric 1953E
B020204 315120H Gostiev, Dmytro 1390E 1390E
B021030 321137L Howland, Luke 1638B 1638A
283868A Kaszuba, Adrian 1870C
331260E Krishnamurthy, Chandramouli
S004072 291538J McClennon, David 1480E 1480E
G013105 160376A McMorran, Richard 1653A 1653A
JS023777 330215F Mirji, Dhruv 1053E 1053E
B022964 301748F O'Keefe, Tom 1218D 1218D
331261G Penniston, John
331262J Reddy Katha, Anish
331263L Reddy, Raghunath
JG000718 309822K Richards, Alexander 1765A 1765A 1765A 1765A
288780A Sunku, Rohit 1315F 1315F
B002863 214364B Tandy, Chris 2073E 2073B
294371C Tandy, Gabriela 1825E
G013559 120174J Taylor, Robert K 1960A 1960A 2043C 2043B
270581D Timoshenko, Andrei 2253D 2253C
B021147 308738E Waterman, Gavin 1150A 1150A

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