Linton Chess Club
Standard Play Rapid Play
Member ECF Ref Name Jun 21 Jan 21 Aug 20 Jun 21 Jan 21 Aug 20
285360H Atkin, Nick
JG016098 302840K Banerjee, Vikram K 1368C 1368A 1368A 1413D 1413D 1413C
B008771 108403D Clark, Kevin R 2073B 2073A 2073A 2238E 2238E 2238D
G004078 108597K Coleman, David J 2185E 2185E 2185C
S022767 272703B Colliety, Sean
B013555 173087D Davies, Rob 1278A 1278A 1278A 1450F 1450F 1450F
G002945 260370G Davison, Chris 2223A 2223A 2223A 2043A 2043A 2043A
JG005331 304986D Dharmasena, Gavith 1915A 1915A 1915A 1938E 1938D 1938C
316378H Dharmasena, Geeth
JG008852 305057K Dharmasena, Kian 1863A 1863A 1863A 1795E 1795E 1795D
JS013883 310371H Evans, Ruben Nangalia 1788A 1788A 1788A 1743A 1743A 1743A
JG014189 291622J Gilmore, Samuel 1893B 1893A 1893A 1840C 1840B 1840B
329927C Goldsmith, Charles W
JS002697 304995E Goldsmith, Charlie TL 1285B 1285A 1285A 1450D 1450C 1450B
JS014486 312625A Gordon-Shah, Shivum 1540C 1540B 1540A 1570C 1570C 1570B
B024016 276842C Horan, Sean 1533F 1533F 1533F
G012259 113051B Housden, Peter T 1338C 1338A 1338A 1480D 1480D 1480D
JP020871 323157E Jones, Annchen 1240E 1240E 1240E 1473D 1473D 1473D
JP020873 323158G Jones, Cailynn 1158D 1158D 1158D 1450D 1450D 1450D
G011978 127446G Kemp, Paul R 1975A 1975A 1975A 2058F 2058F 2058F
306488J Koiza, Peter 2005D 2005D 2005D 2050D
G009787 150309B Lim, Mark 1878A 1878A 1878A 1923C 1923B 1923A
331133J Louis, Guillaume
B022764 328207H McGinn, William
G011959 140663C McMahon, Paul 1908A 1908A 1908A 1938F 1938F 1938E
B009067 213691A Mercer, Laurie 1795B 1795A 1795A
B013606 307051H Newbery, Rod B 1773C 1773C 1773B
S010457 126231C Osborn, Michael MJ 1533B 1533A 1533A 1480E 1480E 1480E
S011495 306445B Pilowsky Bankirer, Oded 1818F 1818F 1818F
JS011658 300902G Pilowsky Bankirer, Oren 1435D 1435C 1435A 1420C 1420C 1420C
JS016492 297372J Pilowsky Bankirer, Yoav 1675B 1675A 1675A 1683C 1683B 1683A
B009971 140664E Pinner, Martin 1968C 1968A 1968A
B008406 269711H Ray, Julian 1900C 1900B 1900A
JB019015 318599A Redstone, Adam 1555D 1555D 1555D 1608F
G000558 117887J Richardson, Alan 1908C 1908B 1908B 2065F
JS022001 325398D Rogers, Dylan 1060E 1060E 1060E
JG005601 297005D Sahinoz, Giulio O 1930C 1930B 1930B 1900D 1900D 1900C
315100B Stein, Daniel 1653D 1653D 1645E
G022379 258609F Stewart, Ashley 2163A 2163A 2163A 2065D 2065C 2065C
JG000046 304349G Trivedi, Aarnavh 1953A 1953A 1953A 1908B 1908A 1908A
305551G Trivedi, Aayoush 1188D 1188D 1293D
182284G Trivedi, Riki 1458E 1458E
JS019384 307347G Varea, Benjamin 1383D 1383D 1383D 1278C 1278B 1278A
G009234 163068E Varnam, Liam D 2245B 2245A 2245A 2223D
B000543 272816D Wadsworth, Alan 1735C 1735B 1735B
JG000129 295496F Weersing, Abigail R 1945A 1945A 1945A 1923A 1923A 1923A
G010997 295884D Weersing, Nathan 1518B 1518A 1518A 1600E 1600D 1600D
JG014232 289274B Weersing, Sarah R 1855B 1855A 1855A 1705D 1705D 1705C
B014588 281071C Yates, Simon 1563E 1563E 1563E

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Membership. A member number in red indicates the membership has expired, and one highlighted shows it expires before the end of the rating year. Pointing to the member number will display the last month of membership. Information from membership list dated 15 June 2021.

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