Clacton Chess Club
Standard Play Rapid Play
Member ECF Ref Name Mar 21 Jan 21 Aug 20 Mar 21 Jan 21 Aug 20
257873G Alvin, Martin 1578E
S010989 140673F Barnes, Nathan 1810B 1810B 1810C 1870C 1870C 1870E
329396J Castell, Michael
287658K Chovardas, Kyriakos 1630D 1630D
B009653 307019A Ciorga, Marek 1615B 1615B 1615C 1563D 1563D
S010665 108933L Coughtrey, Mike J 1525C 1525C 1525C 1428A 1428A 1428C
B018122 317477D Dawkes, Gary 1600B 1600B 1600C 1540C 1540B 1540D
B016191 300366J Estlea, Warwick 1480B 1480B 1480C 1488A 1488A 1488A
B003451 256285G Hardman, Danny 1593D 1593C 1593D 1660A 1660A 1660B
B003076 213670D Hill, Clive A 1428D 1428D 1428D 1398B 1398B 1398D
B011360 174838F Lake, Nigel S 1465B 1465B 1465C 1360A 1360A 1360C
B007540 170345G Lambert, John E 1563B 1563B 1563C 1488A 1488A 1488A
B021653 164447G Lunn, George 1645E 1645E 1645E
B017531 282514E Mothershaw, Doug 1600F 1600F 1600F 1533E 1533D 1533E
B020447 314875A O'Brien, Richard 1173D 1173D 1173E
317479H Rowe, John 1188E 1188E
B001296 118426L Salmon, Andrew N 1833C 1833C 1833D 1795D 1795D
B010342 122031H Steele, Melvin 1608B 1608B 1608C 1668A 1668A 1668B
P013524 128639A Stephens, Robert W 1788A 1788A 1788A 1773C 1773C 1773D
B001236 250045A Todd, Andrew 1488A 1488A 1488C 1413B 1413B 1413C
S003770 290797F Wood, David C 880D 880D 880D 993A 993A 993A
B013531 267495G Wright, Robert 1975E 1975E

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