Northampton Chess Club
Standard Play Rapid Play
Member ECF Ref Name Jun 21 Sep 20 Jun 21 Sep 20
S014412 179107C Ashley, Shane 1690C 1690A 1495D 1495D
S021595 302039D Broad, Tim 1555C 1555B 1570D 1570D
293058E Brutus, James L 1788D 1788C
G023956 130168J Curran, David P 1713C 1713A 1653F
G023938 330288L Fulop, Szabolcs 1840F 1840F
B017341 254221D Heilbuth, Graham 1720D 1720D
G011066 275941L Homer, Neil S 1728B 1728A
G014746 113411F Iyengar, Srihari R 1848E 1848E 1810D 1810C
B019001 319617D Juhasz, Aleksandar 1578D 1578D
G024084 309940E Kostov, Stratsimir K 2290E 2290E
295350L Lindsay, Dion G 1495D
S015808 242751F Moloney, Tom 1090E 1090D
G002757 162825C Ross, Chris N 2283B 2283A
B023088 261704D Smith, Peter K 1720E 1720E
G014809 119363G Smith, Stephen J 1863A 1863A
S020578 220033J Sykes, Chris 1975F 1975F 1780F 1780F

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