Royston Chess Club
Standard Play Rapid Play
Member ECF Ref Name Jun 21 Jan 21 Sep 20 Jun 21 Jan 21 Sep 20
253254C Andrews, Arthur 1413D 1413C 1413B
S014628 194673A Cage, Simon M 1540C 1540B 1540A
B001197 244287F Chapman, Andrew J 1945B 1945A 1945A 1975F 1975F 1975F
B008771 108403D Clark, Kevin R 2073B 2073A 2073A 2238E 2238E 2238D
G004078 108597K Coleman, David J 2185E 2185E 2185C
G019869 321533H Dargue, Peter W 1398B 1398A 1398A 1345F 1345F
G002945 260370G Davison, Chris 2223A 2223A 2223A 2043A 2043A 2043A
194672K Hurricks, Dave J 1743C 1743B
G011477 240954K Hutchinson, Norman A 1953A 1953A 1953A 2125D
S014569 295643D Jackson, Simon C 1758B 1758A 1758A 1698E 1698E 1698E
B009927 113700B Johnson, Martin R 1563C 1563A 1563A
G002434 113968L Judkins, Brian D 1750B 1750A 1750A
G011978 127446G Kemp, Paul R 1975A 1975A 1975A 2058F 2058F 2058F
319106A Kuhn, Maximilian 1435D 1435D
B009971 140664E Pinner, Martin 1968C 1968A 1968A
G014881 140662A Pride, Stephen C 1736A 1741A 1750A
G022379 258609F Stewart, Ashley 2163A 2163A 2163A 2065D 2065C 2065C
280735L Strehl, Arek 1863D 1863C 1863C
G009234 163068E Varnam, Liam D 2245B 2245A 2245A 2223D
S011849 302478H Walton, Paul 1810A 1810A 1810A 1825C 1825B 1825B
S008605 164418L Woodhouse, Keith J 1548C 1548C

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