Hertford Chess Club
Standard Play Rapid Play
Member ECF Ref Name Jun 21 Sep 20 Jun 21 Sep 20
G000949 258032K Alegret Grino, Amadeu 1878D 1878A 1855B 1855A
B017119 318633H Berkhout, Theo 1083D 1083D
B019185 153128B Borman, Philip J 2238E 2238D
B000484 151006L Brewis, Alan 1360A 1360A
S001094 215437H Buswell, A Mark 1788C 1788A
G011922 107862J Byway, Paul V 2073B 2073A
S017353 131039C Capes, Ian 1923C 1923B 1968E 1968E
B021535 155499C Cheal, Barry A 2020E 2020E
B001267 109886L Du Boulay, Andrew 1780C 1780A
G016773 316988B Gregory, Gerald 1405B 1405A 1150D 1150D
265939G Gutteridge, Mike 1165D
B000493 112045B Hanreck, Alan E 2193C 2193A
S007234 293328H Hardcastle, Jeff 1210E 1210D
S007806 112168G Harris, John 1383D 1383B
B013752 286383C Hulman, Ron 1285D 1285C
B010402 312904E Humeniuk, Michael 1435C 1435A
P017587 318912A Hurley, James 1323C 1323A
B000910 265366H Hutton, Allan 1563C 1563B
S002401 182133H Kirby, Brian 1210C 1210A
G014659 127688J Knott, Simon JB 2350D 2350B
B019850 321527B Laskey, Mark 1585D 1585D
B019864 321530B Laskey, Richard 1375D 1375D
S009868 277695K Lynch, Mark 1480C 1480B
B004486 234988H Marshall, Duncan 1728B 1728A
B014621 170836D Morris, Simon P 1930C 1930A
S003205 253266K Mountford, Corinne 1593A 1593A
B003590 118309G Rudd, David R 1735D 1735B
B014854 119944E Swanson, Stephen 2185D 2185B 2103D 2103D
318159F Tognon, Rafael 1398F
S022671 328156F Watkins, Geraint 1060F 1060F
B011261 127094B Wooster, Nick 1683C 1683B
B014846 164443K Zsibrita, Steve 1465C 1465A

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