Players with surnames T-Z
Standard Play Rapid Play
Member ECF Ref Name Jun 21 Jan 21 Aug 20 Jun 21 Jan 21 Aug 20 Club
317271F Tama, Joshua 768E 768D 768D Norwich Juniors
323834K Tang, Kimberley 708F 708F 708F Norfolk Schools
JS023135 316995K Tattum-Smith, George 1015B 1015B 1015B Norwich Juniors
G005822 160524A Tebble, Gregory H 1690B 1690A 1690A 1600C 1600C 1600B Norwich Dons
JS019788 320119D Thirumurugarajah, Shaiya 865B 865A 865A Norfolk & Norwich, Norwich Juniors
JS019905 320123F Thirumurugarajah, Shakin 1008B 1008A 1008A Norwich Juniors
325255D Thompson, Hettie 708F 708F Norfolk Schools
321650A Thorburn, Brodie 708F 708F Norfolk Schools
321347L Thorburn, Gabriel 708E 708E Norfolk Schools
JS023870 330255G Tooley, George 708F 708F 708F Broadland
120597D Tripp, Terry C 1803E 1803D 1825D Lowestoft
B017298 318678H Tubby, Peter 1053C 1053A 1053A Aylsham
B002839 120639E Tuffin, Chris J 1705D 1705C 1705C Aylsham
JS000822 306180C Turner, Alexandra 1008C 1008C 1008B Norfolk Schools, Norwich Juniors
S015381 120707G Turner, Terry J 1870B 1870A 1870A 1938F 1938F Norfolk & Norwich
S003891 120728D Twitchell, David J 1915D 1915C 1915B 1953F 1953F 1953E Yarmouth
316380F Uppal, Ajuni 708D 708D Norfolk Schools
B016822 318157B Vara, Javier 1660D 1660D 1660D 1683F 1683F 1683F St Johns Norwich
313975L Verschoor, Emile 1083C 1083B 1083B Norwich Juniors
321349D Voisey, Beatrice 715D 715A 715A Norfolk Schools, Norwich Juniors
G010004 118866F Walker, Martin G 2305A 2305A 2305A 2133E 2133E 2133E Norwich Dons
330784A Wang, George Norwich Juniors
330788J Wang, Ryan Norwich Juniors
JS002104 299885D Ward, Benedict 1240D 1240C 1240B 1345A 1345A 1345A Broadland, Norwich Juniors
310913G Ward, Nathanael 1060D 1060D Norwich Juniors
S010213 313023L Watts, Matthew C 1083E 1083D 1180F Broadland
310923K Webster, Dylan 933E 933E Norfolk Schools
S006077 298513F Wells, Heather Enid 1210A 1210A 1210A 1203A 1203A 1203A Aylsham, Broadland
G008121 121366A Wells, Jonathan C 1990A 1990A 1990A 1998E 1998E 1998C North Norfolk, Norwich Dons, St Johns Norwich
B007810 124151F Weston, John F 1630A 1630A 1630A 1585C 1585C 1585B Fakenham
B018800 319514E Weston, Samuel 1308D 1308D 1308D Wymondham
323835A Whitefoot, John 775F 775F 775F Norfolk Schools
P007859 121598L Wickham, John R 1645B 1645A 1645A Aylsham
B007799 170320B Williams, John 1278D 1278D 1278D Wymondham
G007979 126992G Wood, John A 1900D 1900D 1900D 1983D 1983D 1983D Norfolk & Norwich, Norwich Dons
305093C Woodall, Joshua 708E 708D 708D Norwich Juniors
JS021960 327481A Ziulpaite, Justina 708D 708D 708D Norwich Juniors

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