Players with surnames N-S
Standard Play Rapid Play
Member ECF Ref Name Jun 21 Jan 21 Aug 20 Jun 21 Jan 21 Aug 20 Club
303718G Neethling, Jaco 1068F 1068F 1068E Manningtree
S009756 299305D Nevison, Mark 1443B 1443A 1443A Saxmundham
B021763 188520A Nightingale, Edgar 1525E 1525E 1525E Felixstowe
B020447 314875A O'Brien, Richard 1173D 1173D 1173D Clacton
B009101 306559F Osmon, Lee R 1383C 1383C 1383B 1270F Saxmundham
G006833 256639E Pack, James 1908A 1908A 1908A 1840D 1840D 1840D Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk CCA
S000930 140699B Paez, Alonso 1653B 1653A 1653A Ipswich, Suffolk CCA
B001215 140702J Paige, Andrew 1495D 1495C 1495B Saxmundham
JG008103 309757C Painter, Jonathan 1015D 1015D 1015D Ipswich
318725B Park, Chris 1143F 1143F Bury St Edmunds
G014553 291535C Peck, Silas OJ 2080D 2080C 2080B Ipswich, Suffolk CCA, Woodbridge Suffolk
B010391 116949L Pepper, Michael 1375D 1375D 1375D Woodbridge Suffolk
B000767 140705D Peters, Alexander John 2140D 2140C 2140B Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk CCA
B002540 127956H Phillips, Carl 1578C 1578C 1578B Manningtree
136670B Player, Edmund C 2170C 2170C 2170B Bury St Edmunds
JS022296 303496D Pommier, Georgia 1255F 1255F 1255F 1398C 1398A 1398A Woodbridge School
JS022298 320670B Pommier, Mariella 708D 708D 708D Woodbridge School
JS022295 299900G Pommier, Marina 1435F 1435F 1435F 1390C 1390A 1390A Woodbridge School
JS022297 308299E Pommier, Theo 1180F 1180F 1180F 1233C 1233A 1233A Bury St Edmunds, Woodbridge School
JS019502 314723L Pothos-Tapper, Theo 1128C 1128A 1128A Woodbridge School
G009066 147192C Pott, Laurie 1788C 1788B 1788B Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk CCA
B007854 257342J Price, John 1540C 1540C 1540B Manningtree
G014881 140662A Pride, Stephen C 1736A 1741A 1750A Bury St Edmunds
S009844 295846G Pulman, Mark A 1623D 1623D 1623C Ipswich
JS016689 318119E Quader, Rafael 955D 955D 955D Bury St Edmunds
S016608 312605F Quader, Z Zia Mohammed 1983A 1983A 1983A 2005E 2005E 2005E Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk CCA
JS025705 320664G Richards, Oliver 1023A 1023A 1023A Woodbridge School
233175F Riley, Simon Ipswich
S020682 160107G Roberts, Colin A 1743C 1743C 1743B Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk CCA
296702K Roberts, Sammy 1090E 1090D 1210E 1210D Stowmarket
B004062 140706F Robertson, David 1443C 1443C 1443B Felixstowe
JS007262 302097G Rochford, Jenni 1323E 1323D 1323C 1300E 1300C 1300B Stowmarket
B002184 263886B Ross, Bernard 1203D 1203D 1203D Woodbridge Suffolk
317479H Rowe, John 1188E 1188E 1188E Clacton
G014234 118287A Rowles, Sarah 1435B 1435A 1435A Saxmundham
297303A Roy, Tom 1540D 1540C 1540B 1495C 1495B 1495B Bury St Edmunds
G014891 118359L Ruthen, Stephen W 1818B 1818A 1818A Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk CCA
JS017385 282766K Saenz de Villaverde, Mario 1465D 1465D 1465D Bury St Edmunds
B001296 118426L Salmon, Andrew N 1833D 1833C 1833C 1795D 1795D 1795D Clacton
G013373 118460L Sanders, Robert R 2005B 2005A 2005A 1990C 1990B 1990A Sudbury, Suffolk CCA
B000296 118462D Sanderson, Adrian 1540B 1540B 1540A Manningtree
B012326 118520C Saunders, Peter F 1323D 1323D 1323D 1390F 1390F Sudbury
276912J Scott, Robert K 1368E 1368E 1368E Bury St Edmunds
319877H Seaden, James 1000D 1000D 1000D Woodbridge School
JG000772 280164E Sheerin, Alex 1968A 1968A 1968A 1878E 1878E 1878E Ipswich, Suffolk CCA
B001206 160502B Shephard, Andrew 1878D 1878A 1878A Bury St Edmunds, Ipswich, Suffolk CCA
S002984 263946E Shepherd-Rose, Christopher N 1443D 1443D 1443C Bury St Edmunds
S003191 270183C Simons, Conrad 1938C 1938C 1938B 2013F 2013F 2013F Felixstowe
B017895 318749E Skirrow, Chris 1683D 1683D 1683D Woodbridge Suffolk
B006239 233843K Smith, Hugo 1495B 1495A 1495A 1488E 1488E 1488E Bury St Edmunds
S013679 119354F Smith, Roger N 1383A 1383A 1383A 1360A 1360A 1360A Ipswich
S012255 259537A Smyth, Pete 1743D 1743D 1743B Ipswich
S010563 119463L Spalding, Michael GC 1390C 1390B 1390A Ipswich
G003834 140709A Spence, David J 2230C 2230A 2230A Suffolk CCA
B010342 122031H Steele, Melvin 1608C 1608B 1608A 1668A 1668A 1668A Clacton
P013524 128639A Stephens, Robert W 1788A 1788A 1788A 1773C 1773C 1773B Clacton, Manningtree, Suffolk CCA
318780K Stork, Oliver 2305E 2305E 1960D 1960D Woodbridge School
282518B Story, Alan (deceased) 1218C 1218C 1218B 1248F 1248F 1248F Manningtree
S017177 181104G Stow, James 1105C 1105B 1105A Ipswich
S022377 263821G Such, Daniel 1473D 1473D 1473D 1435F 1435F 1435F Woodbridge Suffolk
B016962 318575J Suckling, Christopher 1075F 1075F Sudbury

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