Players with surnames A-C
Standard Play Rapid Play
Member ECF Ref Name Mar 21 Jan 21 Aug 20 Mar 21 Jan 21 Aug 20 Club
B005065 100377L Allen, J Franceys 1585D 1585D 1585D Stowmarket
B016046 100379D Allen, Vicky B 1570B 1570A 1570C Stowmarket
257873G Alvin, Martin 1578E Clacton
S018085 316421E Balogh, Jan 1923A 1923A 1923B 1885F 1885F 1885F Bury St Edmunds
S010989 140673F Barnes, Nathan 1810B 1810B 1810C 1870C 1870C 1870E Clacton, Manningtree, Suffolk CCA
B007826 128750D Barratt, John 1473D 1473D 1473D Ipswich, Stowmarket
315247K Bartlett-Smith, Fred 993E 993E Woodbridge School
B018037 251063H Barty, John 1285D 1285D 1285D Felixstowe
S009777 136202B Bettley, Mark S 1608B 1608B 1608C 1608E Stowmarket
B021620 314944E Bradshaw, Craig 1353D 1353D 1353D 1488D 1488D 1488E Bury St Edmunds
B016062 302344J Brazkiewicz, Victor C 1368D 1368D 1368D Felixstowe
S018896 281107J Brennan, Samuel J 1810D 1810D 1810D Ipswich, Suffolk CCA
G003606 251093F Brown, David E 1825B 1825A 1825B Saxmundham, Suffolk CCA
B006241 140756K Brown, Hugo E 1353D 1353D 1353D Saxmundham
B007361 221240H Buis, Jim 1788C 1788C 1788C Manningtree
G009160 293417G Burnett, Leon P 1983B 1983B 1983C 2110F 2110F 2110F Manningtree, Suffolk CCA
JS024892 309758E Calumpiano, Raf 1090E 1090E 1090E 1180C 1180C 1180D Bury St Edmunds
G004397 295131K Carter, Dominic A 1675C 1675C 1675D Saxmundham, Suffolk CCA
B019041 264565J Carter, Matt 1473B 1473A 1473C 1465F 1465F 1465F Bury St Edmunds
329396J Castell, Michael Clacton
B023922 108235J Chapman, Philip J 1263F 1263F 1263F Ipswich, Sudbury
287658K Chovardas, Kyriakos 1630D 1630D Clacton
B009653 307019A Ciorga, Marek 1615B 1615B 1615C 1563D 1563D Clacton
G003250 263500J Ciuksyte, Dagne 2305D 2305C 2305D 2410F 2410F 2410F Suffolk CCA
108376E Clapham, Michael JW 1825C 1825B 1825E Ipswich, Suffolk CCA
G012222 264746B Collicott, Peter J 1540C 1540B 1540C Saxmundham
S008083 186035F Collins, Jonathan L 1908B 1908A 1908C 1915D 1915D 1915D Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk CCA
G010601 108778C Cook, Michael P 2013B 2013A 2013C Ipswich, Suffolk CCA
296714F Corfe, Katarina 1315D 1315D 1315D Woodbridge School
S010665 108933L Coughtrey, Mike J 1525C 1525C 1525C 1428A 1428A 1428C Clacton

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Membership. A member number in red indicates the membership has expired, and one highlighted shows it expires before the end of the rating year. Pointing to the member number will display the last month of membership. Information from membership list dated 28 February 2021.