ECF Membership Information

This report only covers games played by a club's teams in events organised by the EACU (East Anglian Chess Union) and club events. The membership list used was dated 16 June 2018.

Standard Rapidplay
Bronze Members
315625E B36350 Lea, Stephen 2 0
221209C B21631 Thomas, Harold 2 0
Total Games 4 0
Silver Members
245164F S31777 Little, Cameron J 2 0
Total Games 2 0
Gold Members
118460L G18036 Sanders, Robert R 2 0
Total Games 2 0

If a player's membership expired before games were played they will be listed as a non-member for these games. If the member number is shown in red then they are not currently a member. If the member number is highlighted then their membership will expire before the end of the grading year. Putting your cursor over the member number will show the expiry date.