ECF Membership Information

This report only covers games played by a club's teams in events organised by the BACL (Bury Area Chess League) and club events. The membership list used was dated 16 June 2018.

Standard Rapidplay
Non Members
257859B B27097 Tarlow, Ben 1 0
120655C Tuplin, Mike J 1 0
Total Games 2 0
Bronze Members
173708K B35915 Lenton, Oliver J 10 0
Total Games 10 0
Silver Members
273273H S20517 Beck, John 6 0
115614H S19640 Misson, Marcus 9 0
298536G S34849 Sampays, Nick 8 0
264521L S24854 Short, David 14 0
170319F S20835 Watkins, Carl 9 0
Total Games 46 0
Gold Members
302343G G29334 Ashworth, Steven M 8 0
163397B G03641 Goodger, Martyn 11 0
120004F G05719 Szymanski, Mark 12 0
Total Games 31 0
Platinum Members
148684G P03310 Donaghay, Richard H 8 0
Total Games 8 0

If a player's membership expired before games were played they will be listed as a non-member for these games. If the member number is shown in red then they are not currently a member. If the member number is highlighted then their membership will expire before the end of the grading year. Putting your cursor over the member number will show the expiry date.