ECF Membership Information

Games played in Cambridge City Club Championship

The membership list used was dated 12 January 2018. Individuals joining prior to 30th June in a season will have their entitlement to free grading of club, league and county results (i.e. no Game Fee liability) extended retroactively to the preceding 1st September. The following list assumes people joined before the end of June.

Cambridge City
Standard Rapidplay
Non Members
314208F Allepuz, Anuska 3 0
Total Games 3 0
Bronze Members
181498K B20241 Bramley, Tom 2 0
297733D B27362 Buisman, Bert 2 0
303716C B32005 Chaves-Alcoba, Rodrigo 1 0
298707H B27227 Clarke, James 3 0
110420C B19514 Fallon, Philip S 2 0
292205J B23098 Geach, Charles 3 0
309861J B32930 Gupta, Deepak 3 0
160100D B32505 Herne, Andrew 2 0
263176D B06062 Redman, David J 1 0
148651C B32363 Robbins, Trevor 3 0
Total Games 22 0
Silver Members
260360D S17268 Bay-Petersen, Ole 3 0
185563D S19557 Daugman, John G 1 0
147008F S17631 Newman, Richard H 4 0
279793J S18412 Smith, Tom 1 0
Total Games 9 0
Gold Members
260370G G04613 Davison, Chris 4 0
295177A G24805 De Block, Gert 1 0
240954K G03238 Hutchinson, Norman A 1 0
140662A G03453 Pride, Stephen C 2 0
300903J JG28458 Srivastava, Arnav (Junior) 1 0
120004F G05719 Szymanski, Mark 1 0
Total Games 10 0

If a player's membership expired before games were played they will be listed as a non-member for these games. If the member number is shown in red then they are not currently a member. If the member number is highlighted then their membership will expire before the end of the grading year. Putting your cursor over the member number will show the expiry date.