Cambridgeshire Grand Prix

Summary of Games played by Kian Dharmasena

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Cambridgeshire Closed Championship (Weight 1)
18/11/17 Default Draw
18/11/17 Vivek Srivastava Win
18/11/17 Marcus PA Connolly Draw
19/11/17 Sarah W Weersing Win
19/11/17 Peter Koiza Loss
Points 3
Cambridgeshire Rapidplay (South) (Weight 1)
24/09/17 John Grasham Win
24/09/17 Simon C Jackson Draw
24/09/17 Benjamin Raine Draw
24/09/17 Oded Pilowsky Bankirer Loss
24/09/17 Patrick C Ribbands Draw
EACU County Championships (Weight 1)
22/04/18 John R Wickham Draw
22/04/18 Michael E Usher Loss
Points ½