Cambridgeshire Grand Prix

Summary of Games played by Peter Baddeley

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Cambridgeshire League (Weight 1)
02/10/17 Alain Ellul Win
05/10/17 Neal Fisher Loss
19/10/17 Adrian Kaszuba Loss
25/10/17 G Des Lane Win
08/11/17 Neil Greenwood Win
29/11/17 Ron N Jones Draw
06/12/17 Richard Coats Win
11/12/17 Colin Emery Loss
13/12/17 Mark Szymanski Loss
10/01/18 Miles R Davies Draw
24/01/18 Alain Ellul Win
31/01/18 Adrian Kaszuba Loss
14/02/18 Peter Weinberger Draw
20/02/18 James M Smith Draw
07/03/18 Ted W Nottingham Loss
14/03/18 Steve Walker Draw
21/03/18 G Des Lane Win
04/04/18 I Emil Serban Draw
11/04/18 G Des Lane Draw
18/04/18 John S Cooper Loss
09/05/18 John S Cooper Draw
Points 10
EACU Team Championship (Weight 1)
25/02/18 David E McLean Win
25/02/18 Michael MJ Osborn Draw