Cambridgeshire Grand Prix

Summary of Games played by John G Daugman

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Cambridgeshire League (Weight 1)
18/10/17 I Emil Serban Win
01/11/17 Raymon Gompelman Win
10/01/18 Marcus PA Connolly Draw
29/01/18 Andrew J Chapman Loss
07/02/18 Neil Greenwood Draw
21/02/18 Ron N Jones Win
Points 4
EACU County Championships (Weight 1)
07/01/18 Darrell N Pigott Win
07/01/18 Martin Fogg Loss
04/02/18 Darrell N Pigott Draw
04/02/18 Andrew D Hartland Win
18/02/18 Michael JW Clapham Win
18/02/18 Toby Cox Draw
08/04/18 Default Win
08/04/18 Steve J Pullinger Loss
22/04/18 Alex Sheerin Draw
22/04/18 Graham K Blowers Win