Cambridgeshire Grand Prix

Summary of Games played by Mark Lim

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Cambridgeshire Closed Championship (Weight 1)
18/11/17 Michael G Ingram Win
18/11/17 Gavith Dharmasena Draw
18/11/17 Julian Ray Draw
19/11/17 Stephen C Pride Draw
19/11/17 Steven M Ashworth Win
EACU County Championships (Weight 1)
21/01/18 Alex Sheerin Loss
21/01/18 Steve J Pullinger Win
18/02/18 Colin J Solloway Win
18/02/18 Malcolm J Lightfoot Loss
08/04/18 Default Win
08/04/18 Mervyn J Hughes Loss
Points 3
EACU Team Championship (Weight 1)
25/02/18 Cameron J Little Win
25/02/18 David J Payne Win
Points 2