Cambridgeshire Grand Prix

Summary of Games played by David J Coleman

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Cambridgeshire League (Weight 1)
20/09/17 Peter N Walker Win
25/09/17 Andrew J Chapman Draw
18/10/17 Carl Watkins Draw
30/10/17 Carl Watkins Win
20/11/17 Raymon Gompelman Win
08/01/18 Peter N Walker Win
12/02/18 Raymon Gompelman Win
04/04/18 Default Win
04/04/18 Norman A Hutchinson Win
Points 8
Cambridgeshire Rapidplay (South) (Weight 1)
24/09/17 Chris Davison Loss
24/09/17 Alan B Merry Loss
24/09/17 Tim Chesters Win
24/09/17 Robin W Haldane Win
24/09/17 Brian J Valentine Win
Points 3
EACU County Championships (Weight 1)
18/02/18 Gary Kenworthy Draw
18/02/18 Shaun D Munson Loss
08/04/18 Richard CP Freeman Win
08/04/18 Roy Hughes Win