Players with grades 140-159
Standard Play Rapid Play
Jan 2018 Aug 2017 Jan 2018 Aug 2017
Member ECF Ref Name Cat Grade Cat Grade Cat Grade Cat Grade Club
G19823 186035F Collins, Jonathan L A 159 A 159 D 160 D 160 Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk CCA
G06440 252129F Fogg, Martin D 159 C 159 Ipswich, Suffolk CCA
JG29358 301071F Jermy, Jaden A 158 A 146 A 163 A 143 Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk CCA
G17876 290418E Lightfoot, Malcolm J B 157 C 169 * (5) 140 F 140 Saxmundham, Suffolk CCA
G17448 147192C Pott, Laurie A 156 A 154 Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk CCA
G26587 108376E Clapham, Michael JW D 155 D 165 Ipswich, Suffolk CCA
B19539 166278J Tomes, Martin C 155 C 158 Ipswich, Suffolk CCA
S32405 211033H Jones, Graeme C 155 B 155 Manningtree
B18167 221240H Buis, Jim C 155 C 150 Manningtree
X801196 Balogh, Jan Est. 155 Bury St Edmunds
S34826 111141D Gemmell, Peter A F 154 Est. 169 Felixstowe, Ipswich
G31151 191416K Kirkham, Ed A 154 A 146 Felixstowe, Suffolk CCA, Woodbridge Suffolk
304955D Smith, William * (1) 154 * 147 D 91 E 89 Woodbridge School
B30341 121193G Watkins, Alan C 153 B 151 Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk CCA
JG24500 295344E John, Adam A 152 A 138 A 143 B 124 Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk CCA
S06940 111629A Greenacre, Kevin P D 150 C 150 Ipswich, Suffolk CCA
B04226 118426L Salmon, Andrew N B 150 B 152 D 142 D 142 Clacton
P01568 128639A Stephens, Robert W A 147 A 145 D 143 * 145 Clacton, Manningtree, Suffolk CCA
G06784 113887L Jones, Robert L A 146 A 149 * (15) 131 D 139 Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk CCA
S06929 140699B Paez, Alonso B 145 A 139 Ipswich, Suffolk CCA
G17381 277537C Lovell, Steve A 145 A 144 * (11) 148 * 148 Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk CCA
G24713 295131K Carter, Dominic A B 145 C 139 Saxmundham, Suffolk CCA
S18415 185499K Donnelly, Andrew J A 143 A 144 Bury St Edmunds, Sudbury, Suffolk CCA
B34729 312616L Wesson, Timothy J F 143 Est. 110 Woodbridge Suffolk

Grades. Est. indicates an estimated grade has been provided for the player. The figure after a category of * is the number of games played in the last 3 years. The grade given after a * category should not be taken as an estimated grade without confirming it with the event organiser.

Membership. A member number in red indicates the membership has expired, and one highlighted shows it expires before the end of the grading year. Pointing to the member number will display the last month of membership. Information from membership list dated 15 March 2018.