Players with surnames D-H
Standard Play Rapid Play
Member ECF Ref Name May 22 Jul 21 May 22 Jul 21 Club
S027848 342233B D'Amato, Emanuele 1336F 1630* Cambridge City
S023916 330277F Dasuzhau, Ihar 1758D 1705F Cambridge City
S007791 185563D Daugman, John G 1840A 1855A Cambridge City
S013555 173087D Davies, Rob 1354A 1278B 1444E 1450F Linton
G002945 260370G Davison, Chris 2214C 2223A 2043A Cambridge City, Linton
G005574 295177A De Block, Gert 1660B 1615B 1549B 1600D Cambridge City
314086G Dedigama, Indula H Bury Knights
S013209 274234C Dickinson, Richard 1367D 1323D Bury St Edmunds
171282C Doherty, Simon 1840C Cambridge City
B026704 341757J Doman, Richard Cambridge City
P013078 148684G Donaghay, Richard H 1819E 1818C Ely
G001287 185499K Donnelly, Andrew J 1802B 1803A 1719E Bury St Edmunds, Sudbury
G002933 175238J Dorrington, Chris J 2395C Bury St Edmunds
183696B Dowson, David Linton
B029919 285010C Easdale, Rufus 1775F 1470F Bury St Edmunds
S022146 327802F Esuperanzi, Giovanni B 1788B 1780D Cambridge City
295292A Evangeli, George Linton
JS013883 310371H Evans, Ruben Nangalia 1828B 1788A 1768C 1743A Linton
B012578 110420C Fallon, Philip S 1973C 1992C Cambridge City
268113E Fallows, Fraser Bury St Edmunds
JS025772 340344A Ferris, Oliver 1372F 1450* 1305D Bury St Edmunds
G018079 285268J Finn, Peter 2174A 2125A 2087A Cambridge City
S012929 257329F Firman, Ray 1144E 1143C Stowmarket
321402D Flack, Espen 1068E Bury Knights, Bury St Edmunds
290906G Fountain, Mark 1833D Cambridge City
B002518 303607J Funnell, Cameron 1789C 1758C Cambridge City
JS030160 325369H Galloway, Zach 1345F 1066D Linton
B009040 278053H Garcia, Laureano 1682D 1683D Bury St Edmunds
302359L Garcia-Mendoza, Francisco Cambridge City
302158A Gardner, Michael Sudbury
B030258 344133H Garside, Lawrence 1504F Bury St Edmunds
B002622 292205J Geach, Charles 1413* Cambridge City
278843D Gembis, Patrick Bury St Edmunds
297655K Gil Nunez, Roger N Linton
JB032022 346334F Golan, Kacper 1173* Bury Knights
G010020 163397B Goodger, Martyn 2129D 2103D Ely
JS025068 323433C Goodger, Samuel 1200* Bury Knights
JS014486 312625A Gordon-Shah, Shivum 1600C 1540C 1570C Linton
312589A Grant, Callum G Bury St Edmunds
S021444 150092C Green, David P 1618E 1645B Stowmarket
G014877 111689H Gregory, Stephen J 2133B Bury St Edmunds
JS016349 315366G Gu, William 1632E 1623D 1645A Bury St Edmunds
309861J Gupta, Deepak Cambridge City
B028538 342560F Hall, Adrian Stowmarket
313166L Halliday, Nathan Linton
B030221 343191F Hamblyn, Steven 1145F Ely
147182L Hargan, Chris A Stowmarket
S030895 345948C Harrington, Stewart 1284F Sudbury
112157B Harris, Daren R Bury St Edmunds
G010640 112174B Harris, Michael 2312C 2283C Bury St Edmunds
B005815 308302A Hart, Greg 1155D 1150D Bury St Edmunds
B000176 175809D Harvey, Adam 1566D 1593C Bury St Edmunds
194255E Hayhurst, Robert Stowmarket
B008368 281105E Heffer, Judith 1700B 1728A 1875E 1908F Bury St Edmunds
B009723 281106G Heffer, Mark 1679B 1698A 1644E 1660F Bury St Edmunds
213880D Heneghan, Patrick D Linton
160100D Herne, Andrew Cambridge City
345972L Herrington, Stewart 1143F Sudbury
G026089 258763E Horan, George 1863A 1855* 1636F Bury St Edmunds
JS032007 346335H Horn, Lenny 1000* Bury Knights, Bury St Edmunds
300217C Hughes, Chris Cambridge City
S008658 113247H Hunter, Kelvin 1679E 1713D Cambridge City
G011477 240954K Hutchinson, Norman A 1947A 1953A 2107E Cambridge City

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